Travelling with Children...Is it really worth it?

Emma Glover on 06 April 2019
My answer to this burning question is yes, it’s more than worth it.

I've been lucky enough to get to take my children to lots of beautiful places, but one that made me the most nervous was when we flew to Florida. I’d heard all the horror stories of long haul flights with kids, and how everyone just tutted and rolled their eyes at parents and this just filled me with dread, but you know what, it was nothing like that and you know why? Because I didn’t let it feel like that.

In the weeks leading up to our flight I made sure I had everything the children would need (as a mother to 3 boys, this can be a challenge even on the shortest of car journeys). I made sure they had adequate snacks, colouring books, small toys that they hadn’t had before and best of all, a fully charged iPad. I pre planned everything to make it as smooth a journey as possibly, from the night before hotel so no rushing in the morning, to having the outfits ready in a bag I could leave in the car, all this helped ease my stress hugely.

At the airport and on the flight I made sure the boys were told everything about what was happening. That they would have to stay in their seats for the flight (unless bathroom breaks of course, I’m not that bad a mother) they were fine with this as I had lots for them to do. The flight was actually relatively easy, they napped (which they never do) they watched films, and they played on their iPad. If they needed to stretch, I let them walk to the bathroom and back. Being too restrictive and strict can go the other way so it’s about getting a happy medium when travelling with children.

When we landed we explained that some countries have strict rules so no messing around and they would be able to enjoy their holiday asap, just a little bit longer and it will all be worth it, and you know what, it 100% was. They loved every single part; they couldn’t wait to go back on the plane for the return journey.

Overall the experience for me was quite a pleasant one, even the flight back with my youngest being quite unwell didn’t put me off, it just made me realise how much easier life can be, if you just plan a little.