Qatar is one of the world's most exciting new destinations. Boasting an impressive skyline, the capital Doha features both futuristic architecture and ancient-inspired buildings. Explore the culturally rich Museum of Islamic Art or wander the traditional outdoor markets like the ancient Souq Waqif, where you’ll be greeted by wonderful aromas and bright colours of spices, ceramics, sweets and fabrics. Discover extravagant shopping mega-centres, walk along the Doha Corniche which stretches elegantly across the Persian Gulf or spend a night in a luxury Arabian tent in the desert.

Visitors to Qatar will find no shortage of options – both luxury and affordable – of excursions covering local culture, sports and the great outdoors. Take in the city on a sightseeing trip aboard a ‘hop-on, hop-off’ double-decker bus, or ask us to find something different to cater to any special interest. Outside Doha, there are excursions to Al Zubarah, the west coast, the camel racing track and other points of interest.

For nature lovers, Qatar also provides superb habitat for a variety of wildlife, from birds and reptiles to the fabled Arabian Oryx. While Qatar’s desert climate limits the variety of flora and fauna, after any rain, the desert blooms with greenery. Qatar’s national animal, the Arabian Oryx, was extinct by the 1970s, but an ongoing breeding programme has led to its reintroduction since 1980.

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