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A place where authenticity and modernity meet. Welcome to Qatar. Warm temperatures, sandy beaches and world-class sporting events are in abundance here.

Luxurious hotels decorate the landscape of Doha; inside discover fine dining, pampering Spas and warm hospitality. Yet there’s so much more on offer in the city, spend an evening in the Souq Waqif, the main marketplace, where you’ll see locals dining and shopping. Wander around the Museum of Islamic Art, taking in the beautiful architecture and precious pieces on display. 

Travel outside of Doha to the Al Zubarah Fort, in the north of the country, visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site, once a place renowned for pearl diving. In the desert, a thrilling 4x4 dune bashing experiences awaits – and you’ll have the chance to visit the Khor Al Adaid or Inland Sea, as well as relax by the Arabian Gulf on a desert excursion.

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