Some 17,000 islands make up the vast archipelago of Indonesia, varying as much in geography and environment as they do in history, people and culture. With this incredible variety comes immense opportunity for adventure.

A haven for wildlife lovers, Indonesia offers up the opportunity to trek through the dense jungles of Borneo in search of the elusive orangutans swinging freely through the forest canopy, explore the Komodo islands on the lookout for prehistoric dragons, and sail down the waterways of Sumatra to be awed by the stunning Hornbills which decorate the sky with their vibrant plumage.

Indonesia offers up hundreds of opportunities to experience a new way of life as you move between its islands. As the largest Muslim country in the world, It is blessed with a huge array of beautiful mosques such as the Great Mosque of Central Java and the Grand Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. However, Bali, ‘The Island of the Gods’, is set apart by the prevalence of Balinese Hinduism which manifests itself in the offerings of flowers and burning incense that line the streets daily, and the intriguing music and dance performances that tell ancient tales from Hindu folklore.

On top of all of this, Indonesia is a tropical paradise of powdery white sand beaches and refreshing azure waters. From the tiny Gili islands and the secluded pink sands of Flores, to the laidback surfing beaches across Bali and the remote sands of the Karimunjawa Islands, Indonesia is well equipped to rival any beach destination.


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