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On the south coast of China, just 40 miles from Hong Kong, Macao is firmly on the map as one of the most vibrant and fascinating destinations in the Far East. With an abundance of historical buildings, a renowned food scene, dazzling night-life, world class shopping and picturesque countryside it blends the best of the past with new and exciting tourism attractions, making it the perfect two or three-night stop in a Far East holiday or as a stopover “Down Under”.

The arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century created a rich and distinctive blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures which remains to this day in everything from the architecture to the festivals and the food. Among Macao’s greatest treasures is the UNESCO World Heritage listed “Historic Centre of Macao”, made up of over 20 buildings of both Portuguese and Chinese origin from Taoist temples to baroque churches and elegant squares.

Renowned across the region for the quality of its food, Macao is paradise for food lovers, from Michelin-starred restaurants to local street stalls. Visitors can choose between the dim sum of southern China and some of the best Portuguese food outside Portugal and international cuisine of all kinds while the unique local Macanese cuisine is a reflection of Macao’s history that truly deserves the term “fusion”.

This tiny destination is an entertaining place to visit by day or night. Luxury hotels, chic shopping and deluxe spas have added contemporary flair and cosmopolitan glamour, while cool bars, hot clubs and world-class entertainment light up the night skyline.  Daytime attractions include the 338m Macao Tower, with the world’s highest bungy jump, the Giant Panda Pavilion and the “Golden Reel”, the world’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel.  Or when it’s time to relax, visitors can head to Taipa and Coloane for beaches, sleepy villages and picturesque nature trails.



Here's a small snapshot of what Macao can offer you, so you can make sure you come home with amazing memories that will last a lifetime.


Macao is a dynamic destination which blends the best of east and west, old and new. From the stunning architecture of the Historic Centre to colourful festivals and events reflecting its unique history, there’s nowhere like Macao!


This is a city for those that love to eat! Noodle stalls and traditional Portuguese cafes tantalise the taste buds alongside Michelin-starred restaurants run by award-winning chefs.  And the delicious Portuguese egg tarts are famed throughout the region.


When the sun goes down, Macao lights up with an entertainment scene to please the most dedicated night owl! The House of Dancing Water show is a multi-million dollar spectacular with high dive acrobatics that will take your breath away.


Daytime Macao is equally diverse, from designer shopping and local markets to relaxing in the great outdoors or an elegant spa.  Adrenaline seekers will enjoy the options at the Macao Tower while other choices include the world’s highest resolution 3D planetarium and a visit to the delightful residents at the Giant Panda Pavilion.

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