7 easy home-made gifts for globetrotters

03 October 2017

No matter where we travel to, we always come back with a collection of memorabilia. Museum tickets, dog-eared maps, a handful of coins…it all takes pride of place in our suitcase. And then, it sits inside a drawer, rooted through on odd occasions (and, sometimes, thrown away when we have a big clear-out!)

It’s often the same with photos, isn’t it? We mean to print them out and create an album. But, we never quite get around to it…

Surprise someone who loves to travel with a gift made using their holiday memories. From photos printed onto cotton bags to an album created just for them, these seven easy craft ideas make thoughtful gifts for travel-lovers.

Craft a cushion…

Create a travel collage cushion or canvas for your globetrotter

Snuggle up to a cushion adorned with your travel-lover’s holiday snaps and made by you!

This fun craft sounds much harder than it actually is – all you’ll need is an inkjet printer and iron-on inkjet transfer printer paper, plus your fabric and cushion pad.

There are lots of online tutorials for inspiration but, in a nutshell, simply print your holiday photo on to the transfer paper and iron it on to the fabric!

You’ll need: Inkjet Iron On Transfer Paper (the packs have full instructions on the back); iron; cushion cover and pad

…or photo canvas/T-shirt/Tote-bag

Using the same inkjet transfer printer paper method as above, simply iron their holiday snap onto a T-shirt, tote bag or canvas for a unique gift!

You’ll need: Inkjet Iron On Transfer Paper (the packs have full instructions on the back); iron; plain T-shirt/tote bag/canvas

Stitch their travels on a map 

Stitch your globetrotter's route onto a globe or paper travel map

Use brightly coloured threads, instead of pins or stickers, to create the route your adventurer travelled. Start by marking their home city and then, using running stitch, sew routes out to the destinations they’ve travelled to over the years.

Or, stitch crosses or stars at every place they’ve visited so far – as your travel-lover heads to more destinations, they can stitch the stars and add to the map!

You’ll need: A paper or card world map; needle; coloured thread (embroidery thread works well); pencil (if you’re stitching different routes, mark your map with a pencil before you start sewing so that you don’t end up stitching a line to the wrong country!)

Create a scrap book

Create a travel scrapbook for your globetrotter

Glue, paper, scissors at the ready! Creating a scrapbook is one of our favourite ways to display everything we collected on our travels.

Never created a scrapbook before? Start with a plain notebook (we like a ring bound book with a hard cover) and everything you’d like to add to your scrapbook (including holiday photos). Begin by creating a collage on the first page, laying out the items you’d like to group together. Once you’re happy with the layout, glue each piece to the page. Now you’re ready to fill the whole scrapbook!

You'll need: A notebook (ring bound books with hardback covers make sturdier srcapbooks); photos of your travel-lover and their journeys, plus any holiday memorabilia you can find; glue; felt tip pens/metallic pens (to annotate your pages)

Build a holiday memory box

Spotted ticket stubs, dog-eared maps and leftover currency in the bottom of one of their drawers? Create a holiday memory box to store everything they've collected on their travels. It’s an easy way to hold on to those bits and pieces they'd like to keep but don’t know what to do with!

You can use any type of box but we like to use a wooden one as it’s sturdier. Once you’ve chosen your box, it’s time to let those creative juices flow! Cover the memory box with maps, photos or postcards, or simply paint on the name of the place your globetrotter visited. Once your box is finished, simply place everything inside et voilà, holiday memories all in one place!

You'll need: A wooden box; glue; travel maps, postcards and holiday memorabilia; paint and a brush/coloured felt tip pens

Make a keepsake box photo frame

Make a keepsake box photo frame for your globetrotter

Like the idea of a holiday keepsake box but want to see those souvenirs without rooting through a box? We think you'll love creating a map box frame for your travel-lover! Using a photo frame that’s deeper than standard means you can add in photos and memorabilia but still display the frame on a wall or bookcase. They’re also a perfect size for that little space on the wall by the front door, so your globetrotter will be reminded of their trip when they head off to work!

Once you’ve chosen your box frame (they’re available from most craft shops), gather up everything you’d like to put into your frame, and start creating your 3D collage!

Top tip: We think the easiest way to start is by covering the backboard. Brought maps back from your travels? Glue them onto the backboard to create a stylish background for your holiday memorabilia.

You'll need: Wooden box frame; glue; holiday memorabilia such as ticket stubs and photos

Fill a photo album

Remember when you used to send rolls of film to be developed? And the excitement when the Postman pushed the envelope through the postbox? There’s nothing quite like leafing through a pack of glossy snaps to conjure up that holiday feeling!

Creating a photo album might not seem like a craft but we’re adding it in because it’s all too easy to leave hundreds of photos on a computer, never to be seen again…

Top tip: Why not make an album for each big trip they've been or the trips you've been on together? No matter whether it’s a weekend away or a longer adventure. Any extra spaces in the album can be filled with ticket stubs, maps, leftover currency, and any other mementoes!

We'd love to see the gifts you create for your globetrotter! Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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