Adventures in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam

02 October 2017

Exquisite temples in Cambodia, with ornate, gently crumbling carvings. Elegant Buddhist monks in Myanmar (Burma) swathed in bright orange. Row upon row of emerald tea bushes in Thailand. And that heady aroma of spices, herbs, and exotic flowers… There’s something utterly beguiling about the Far East, isn’t there?

There are many breathtaking destinations to visit in Asia, and the photographs come close to showing their beauty. It’s not just the beaches or jaw-dropping architecture that make countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos destinations to head to again and again, though. It’s the incredible friendliness of the locals. The mouthwatering cuisine, a heady concoction of aromatic spices and sweet and savoury tastes. The fascinating culture and heritage that weaves across each country.

And it’s this culture that we think is one of the most exciting things about visiting these Asian destinations. Our Travel Counsellors work with the experts at Easia to create tailor-made itineraries across Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar to give you a taste of the arts, heritage and breathtaking scenery of these Far Eastern delights.

Whether you’re travelling for 10 days or a month, want to see the splendour of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or dip your toes into the turquoise waters on Koh Lipe, Thailand, we can create a trip just for you.

Read on to find out some of the incredible activities you could experience on your tailor-made trip to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos or Cambodia…


Tai chi and a walking tour in Hanoi, biking Ba Lai in the Mekong Delta & opera in Saigon


Watching a mesmerising show at Ho Chi Minh Opera in Saigon


Cycling, walking and cruising along the Mekong Delta


Practising Tai Chi at dawn in Hanoi. Image copyright: Michel Gotin


Cycling around Cambodia, yoga in Siem Reap & cooking at an organic farm


Cooking Khmer recipes with ingredients picked from the organic farm


Cycling through villages and forests, past temples, fields and herds of water buffalo


Practising yoga in the breathtaking setting of a hidden Angkor temple


Scarf weaving in charming Luang Prabang, 4000 islands by kayak & the Tak Bat ceremony


Exploring the beautiful scenery and the Hue Etu waterfall of the 4000 islands


Weaving a silk scarf at a weaving workshop in Luang Prabang


Witnessing the Tak Bat (procession of monks) ceremony, where devoted residents offer food to the Buddhist monks

Myanmar (Burma)

Hot air ballooning over Bagan, trekking Mount Popa & Burmese cuisine


Travelling over the spectacular temples of Bagan in a hot air balloon


Adventuring through the hills of Shan State to the pilgrimage site, and extinct volcano, of Mount Popa


Tasting mouthwatering street food in Mandalay


Silk painting with a Thai fashion designer, tea tasting at Araksa & cooking at a chef’s home


Painting exquisite batik patterns on silk in Phrae


Discovering the organic herb garden on the Amita Thai Cooking Class with chef Khun Tam


Learning the art of processing tea at a tea plantation in Araksa

Wherever you’d like to visit in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand or Vietnam, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor to plan your tailor-made Asian adventure.


Image copyright unless otherwise specified: Easia



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