Embark On The Inca Jungle Trek

03 January 2018

Over the years many tourists have followed the famous Inca Jungle Trail to iconic landmark Machu Picchu. Try a new take on this classic journey by trekking along an alternative ‘Action Packed Inca Jungle Trail’ while holidaying in Peru, giving yourself a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Introduction to the trip

Sign up for this journey, provided by Global Encounters, for four days and three nights. During your holiday uncover the hidden gems of Peru from its lush vegetation covered mountainsides and intriguing architectural sites, to its charming plantations and quaint settlements. Stay in a range of local hotels, while pursuing thrilling activities as you trek through Peru’s spectacular Sacred Valley, a region in the Andean highlands known for its Inca citadels, lively markets and formidable foothills.

Day 1: Mountain rides

After you’re picked up from your hotel, your journey through the Sacred Valley begins with a three-hour scenic drive up a majestic mountain to the town of Cusco. Once you arrive at Cusco, which stands 4,300 metres above sea level, take an adrenaline-inducing bike ride down the mountain to Santa Maria, a tiny town buried into the Andes rockface and surrounded by jungle vegetation. Either spend your afternoon perusing Santa Maria’s traditional shops, or take an optional white-water rafting adventure along the tenacious nearby rapids, before settling into your hotel for the night.

Day 2: Scenic sights

You will spend your next day walking through Peru’s captivating countryside. View a range of picturesque sites as you complete this eight-hour trek including quaint traditional Peruvian houses, sun-kissed cacao plantations and tropical fruit stands. Also, you’ll complete a section of the original Inca Trail on this walk. You’ll eventually arrive in the town of Santa Teresa, where you can relax in their restorative hot springs amid a jungle backdrop, before retiring to a local hotel.

Day 3: Thrilling adventures

You will have a choice of two activities on the third morning. Either embark on an exciting zip line tour of verdant local canopies, seeing the scenic Sacred Valley from a new perspective, or you can take a leisurely walk to a local hydroelectric power plant, witnessing how the Peruvians harness the power of nature to fuel their modern lives. During the afternoon you’ll continue your trek to Machu Picchu, walking alongside some local rail tracks while gaining your first glimpses of the legendary monument, before getting an early night as you’ll have a long final day ahead of you.

Day 4: The main event

Prepare for a 4am start on your final day of this journey. As the sun dawns over the region’s vast jungle canopies, you’ll make your way through rugged Andean terrain to Machu Picchu itself. You will be treated to a guided tour of this world-renowned archaeological site with an expert, delving into its many intriguing mysteries. Afterwards you can spend time in the town of Aguas Calientas, where you’ll learn from locals how they live and cultivate their fincas (farms) at such great altitudes, or catch a train to either Poroy or Ollanta, allowing you to extend your Peruvian holiday at your leisure!

Contact your Travel Counsellor

To enjoy this ‘Action Packed Inca Jungle Trail’ experience please contact your Travel Counsellor, so they can arrange with Global Encounters for you to embark on this journey of a lifetime!

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