Enjoy an eco-friendly private island escape at Bawah Reserve

28 September 2021

Lying 160 nautical miles from Singapore, at the southern end of Indonesia’s Anambas Islands, the serene and secluded Bawah Reserve offers the ultimate in sustainable luxury.

An exclusive cluster of six serene islands with three lagoons and thirteen beaches, all enveloped by the South China Sea, the stunning Bawah Reserve is shrouded in verdant greenery and lapped by azure blue waters. Accommodating just 70 guests at one time, an exquisite private island paradise awaits at this most breath-taking of resorts.

Preserving paradise

Bawah Reserve’s eco-friendly approach extends across all its operations, from its permaculture to its products, which include ocean-friendly sun cream, eco-friendly laundry detergent and no plastic bottles. There is an ongoing reforestation project to restore the depleted forest canopy, in order to prevent soil erosion and regain valuable animal habitat. There is also a focus on ensuring mangroves thrive on the reserve as they are extremely important in supporting the growth of other vegetation and sustaining marine life.

All of the island’s waste is recycled, all paper is mulched, waste is composted, and crushed glass is used in the water filtering process. The island’s water is heated by solar energy and wastewater is treated for the resort’s permaculturalist to use on the organic fruit and vegetable gardens, where pesticides are banned. Recycled copper from elsewhere in Indonesia is used to make the mirrors, sinks and bathtubs. The only land vehicles here are the resort’s electric buggies and there are even two solar powered boats. 

The resort also forms part of the Bawah Anambas Foundation, which was created to channel funds back into the local community.

Delectable dining

During your island escape, you’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Treetops. Perched under a jungle canopy and surrounded by tropical rainforest, this remarkable restaurant offers beautiful views over one of the island’s crystal-clear lagoons. For a laidback toes-in-the-sand dining experience, head to the Boat House, which is open for lunch, dinner and drinks. It’s the perfect BBQ venue for taking a seat in one of the swing chairs and relaxing with an ice-cold beer or your favourite tropical cocktail.

You’ll also have a choice of bars, including the Grouper Bar - the island’s social hub with a chill lounge vibe, where you can enjoy everything from coffee to cocktails, as well as Champagne and fine vintage wines. For sunset cocktails in the tree canopy, the Jules Vernes bar is the perfect place. It also features a wildlife viewing platform with a cocktail hour, so you can watch a spectacular sunset against the soundtrack of the gently lapping waves.

 The Aura Spa & Wellness Centre

Relax, invigorate and rejuvenate body and mind at the serene Aura Spa. Nestled in the island’s beachfront jungle, take your pick from an extensive range of traditional therapies, as well as complementary wellness treatments, ranging from soothing facial cleanses and detox programmes, to rejuvenating spa rituals.

You can also make the most of the holistic wellness activities that are on offer, including beachfront yoga, Pilates and meditation classes; all of which are included in your stay.

Idyllic accommodation

With just 35 stand-alone suites and bungalows, you can be sure of an utterly breath-taking private island experience, complete with unparalleled exclusivity and privacy.

Lining the south-facing coast of the reserve, the chic bamboo tented beach and deluxe suites are just steps away from the pristine sandy beach, whilst behind the beach suites, the island’s garden suites offer the perfect slice of jungle luxe.

For the ultimate tropical island hideaway, upgrade to an Overwater Bungalow. Set above the turquoise-blue lagoon, these exquisite retreats are exceptionally well-appointed and offer spectacular panoramas of the archipelago.


If you’re ready to book your eco-friendly escape at this spectacular private island paradise, contact your Travel Counsellor today and take advantage of a range of benefits including full financial protection and a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and after your stay.



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