Family Time in the Alentejo

29 September 2021

The magnificent beaches, endless plains and rustic cuisine of the Alentejo are yours to savour. The region’s wide-open spaces and fresh air are well-suited to active families who love to explore and really burn off some energy whilst on holiday. These are some of the Alentejo’s best attractions for your next family visit.

Unique Museums

The Museu do Relógio it´s a family owned project that stated in 1972 when António Tavares d'Almeida inherited, from his grandparents, three broken pocket watches. From then on, the collector searched for watches all over the world, aiming to restore them and add to his collection.

In 1995 he opened his collection to the public and since then nearly 400 damaged clocks have been donated to the Museum, which through the craftsmanship of its master watchmakers are recovered and shown to the public.  The Museum aims to engage with visitors of all age through exhibitions and thematic events.

Living Science

Inaugurated in 2010, The Lousal Ciência Viva Center occupies a spot in the Rede Nacional da Ciência Viva. It is an exhibition centre that uses the theme of Georesources as a conceptual gateway to the exploration of scientific and technological areas such as Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Geophysics, Mathematics, Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Informatics, Computer Graphics and new Communication and Image Technologies. The centre provides activities, exhibitions and experimental spaces that promote interactivty for all ages, and stimulate the children’s natural curiosity.

Dolphin Spotting

Vertigem Azul, a pioneer company in dolphin watching in the Sado estuary, celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2019. A taste for outdoor living and a special interest in the dolphin community living in Sado were at the heart of the creation of Vertigem Azul who now takes visitors out onto the water, onboard a catamaran, to spot the graceful dolphins as they carve throigh the water.

The company has now taken on the mission to contribute to the monitoring of the Sado dolphin population, a unique group that it considers of great importance to conservation efforts. They also contribute to the development of quality tourism activities, integrated in full harmony, so as to ensure that they operate sustainably in the area. And

Surf Lessons

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Alentejo is famous for its seemingly endless stretches of golden sands and top-class wave breaks. Along the coast, you’ll find passionate surf schools offering differentiated classes, ranging catering for total novices through to advanced surfers.

Fun on the Lakes

Away from the stunning beaches, you’ll find inland waters across the Alentejo that prove attractive for visitors looking to enjoy the peaceful serenity of these areas or to take part in the multitude of water sports that are available there. Canoeing, water skiing, rowing, sailing and SUP can be enjoyed at lakes such as Alqueva, which is also noted for being the largest artificial lake in Europe.

Encounter History

Across the Alentejo there are a collection of castles lining the border with Spain, that really help to bring the past to life. Each of the castles has its own history and charm, with a history filled with tales of battles and invasions.

The Garrison Border Town of Elvas and its Fortifications have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status. The town contains barracks and other military buildings that were fortified from the 17th to the 19th centuries.


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