Five Reasons To Fly Privately With Air Partner

06 December 2017

Whether you are working with clients travelling for leisure, business or you are organising group travel of any size, it’s always worth considering private flights. Here are a few reasons why having your Travel Counsellor arrange for you to fly privately with Air Partner can be the best solution for your requirements.


Flexibility is a major justification for utilising private aviation. For many, flying privately offers a viable, stress-free alternative to scheduled travel as it provides consumers and businesses with the power to create a bespoke travel itinerary that fits a unique schedule without the expense and long-term commitment of aircraft ownership. If you have clients travelling by private jet, there is the option to travel with pets, family and friends in one private cabin, offering the comfort and convenience of having everyone onboard together. If you are looking to charter a larger group for a conference, meetings or events. group charter offers a similar experience where you can all fly together and your event can even start before you take off.


Time is money! Private aviation affords those travelling for business as well as leisure the gift of time, especially so during busy travel periods, providing ample opportunity to relax. Without the hassle of long check-in queues, chartering privately for holiday or for an event means there is no need to arrive at the private terminals hours in advance of departure. Private flyers can also avoid the hassle of larger commercial airports with access to private terminals in airports closest to their final destination. Those who are travelling privately with group charter can start their meeting, brand launch or events at the private terminals before take-off and there is even opportunity to host company meetings in the sky.

Quality of Service

Chartering privately comes with personal service, as well as convenience. When you are looking after clients who might be travelling in large groups, the experience of good service is the best; it helps ensure that travel plans with multiple passengers are managed in a smooth way. Those flying privately receive unparalleled attention to their individual needs and desires. Continuing to raise the level of expectation with the use of innovative solutions within the industry, Air Partner provides a 24/7 global support team and dedicated Account Managers who see flights off and upon arrival, arrange transportation and catering, and much more. Whether your clients are travelling solo or require private flights for up to 20,000 passengers, Air Partner can provide this to the highest standard.

Onboard Experience 

Private aviation is about elevating and exceeding expectations. Once onboard, passengers can enjoy a preferred in-flight experience. With an extensive choice of food, drink and entertainment onboard aircrafts, flyers can order exactly what they want, when they want it. The refreshing, quiet onboard environment allows busy business travellers to be productive while families can ensure that their journey will result in enjoyable time spent together. Those who are travelling with Air Partner group charter can also opt for their Service Plus, which allows you to customise, brand the plane, and enhance your travel experience on board in a number of ways.

Peace of Mind

When travelling privately, the risk of flight delays and cancellations are reduced, affording peace of mind. But client safety and security are still the number one priority. Since acquiring companies like Baines Simmons, a world leader in Aviation Safety Consultancy, Air Partner has further strengthened its commitment to put safety first. Also flying privately ensures that business travellers can conduct meetings in the privacy of their own cabin without the concern of being overheard when making important negotiations or deals.

Contact your Travel Counsellor

If you have any requirements for your clients for private jet or group charter, please contact your Travel Counsellor, so they can arrange your private flight with Air Partner today.

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