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19 June 2018

The polar regions are home to some of the world’s most fascinating scenery and breath-taking phenomena, as experts of the Arctic, Hurtigruten can take you to amazing destinations, including Greenland, the Norwegian Fjords and Antarctica. Unlike other cruise lines, Hurtigruten have small and intimate ships where the entertainment is the scenery outside and lectures educating you on the environments and cultures you visit. In Norway, the Hurtigruten ships also act as a lifeline to the coastal communities, shuttling locals and supplies between towns, meaning you don’t just experience the coast, but become a part of it.

So, whether it’s your maiden voyage or you’re a seasoned cruiser, Hurtigruten are the gateway to amazing experiences and memorable moments.

Midnight Concert at the Arctic Cathedral

Standing proudly at one end of the Tromsø bridge is the Arctic Cathedral. Visible from the centre of town and cast against an imposing backdrop in the shape of the Tromsdalstind peak, its glass façade and pronounced cross welcome worshippers and tourists alike.

There is perhaps no more beautiful way to explore this place of worship than by attending a midnight concert, where a variety of musical acts help fill the cathedral with beautiful Norwegian folk songs, as well as classical and sacred selections.

Dog Sledding to an Ice Cave

Explore one of Norway’s most beautiful natural attractions and go deep into the Longyear Glacier on the Dog Sledding to an Ice Cave tour. Experience the adrenaline rush of driving your own team of dogs, before entering the amazing cave to walk along the icy passages formed by the summer melt.

Marvel at the way the water has carved shapes into the ice and stone and enjoy untouched wilderness in its purest form. Excursions to the ice cave are also available without the dog sledding add-on.

King Crab Rafting Safari

Set out to sea with working fisherman to catch your own lunch – a king crab. Enjoy an unforgettable fishing tour in Kirkenes as you sail out to the best fishing area in the Barents Sea before pulling up huge fishing cages set to catch the magnificent king crabs found in the area.

Groups are then taken to a cosy, local fisherman’s house to have the catch of the day for lunch, indulging on as much of the fresh, delicate crab meat as they can muster.

Whale Safari

Get up close and personal with the giants of the deep on Hurtigruten’s unforgettable whale watching voyage in Tromsø.

The 30-foot mink whale and 40-foot humpbacks can be seen alongside Killer whales when sailing around the herring-rich feeding grounds and fjords of the Arctic capital.

Board Submarine

One of the most exciting activities that Hurtigruten offers in South America is the board submarine. This PlanaSub allows passengers to discover marine life in a fun and unique way.

Dressed in snorkelling gear, passengers hold onto a hydro-dynamically designed board towed by a boat at low speed, giving the feeling of flying through the water while taking in the amazing sights of the undersea world.

Mountain Hike with a Husky 

Just you, a canine companion and magnificent nature. At Gabba Husky Kennel near Kirkenes, eager huskies await taking you on a hike into the surrounding mountain wilderness. Enjoy the thrill of a mountain hike in the far north of Norway and the company of a friendly husky. Fill your soul with incredible views of the surrounding area and mountains.


Northern Lights promise


Thanks to the tilt of the Earth between seasons, and its perfect position beneath the Arctic Circle, Norway experiences great magnetic activity across its skies, giving birth to Mother Nature’s ultimate light show – the Northern Lights – which illuminates the night-time darkness.

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