Insider's Guide to Madeira: Things to see, do and eat in Madeira

02 October 2017

Picture Madeira. What springs to mind? Perhaps it’s the flowers that crowned this pretty island, The Island of Flowers. The deep green mountains, waterfalls cascading among woodland and hiking trails. The picturesque Funchal harbour at sunset, cobbled streets and fishing boats bathed in orange, pink and purple hues…

Wherever your mind wanders to when you picture Madeira, welcome to our destination guide to this breathtaking archipelago. Four wild and beautiful islands off the northwest coast of Africa make up Madeira, and with warm year-round temperatures, and nature and culture nestled side by side, Madeira is a destination to delight sunseekers and the adventurous.

Read our Madeira destination guide here

Travel Counsellors Insider Guide to Madeira

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