Make a koala from a paper plate!

02 October 2017

Koala bear

Whether you’re exploring Australia or looking for something to occupy little ones during the holidays, this koala is really easy to make. And you only need a couple of items to create your koala!

Gather up your grey paint, paper plates and cotton wool and get ready to make your very own koala!

Make a koala using a paper plate!

You’ll need: Paper plates (x1 large and x2 smaller plates); grey, black and white paint and paintbrush; cotton wool balls; glue, and a stapler or sticky tape (to stick the plates together)

How to make your koala

Step 1. Turn over the largest plate so that the domed section faces upwards; paint this side with the grey paint and set to one side to dry. Take the two smaller plates and paint the surfaces with the grey paint (there’s no need to turn these plates over); set aside to dry.

Step 2. Using glue, sticky tape or a stapler, attach the smaller plates to the larger plate, to create the koala’s ears. Tip: If you’re creating a mask, use glue or sticky tape and don’t use staples.

Step 3. Create the koala’s furry ears using glue to stick the cotton wool balls to the inside the rim of the two smaller plates.

Step 4. Using the black paint, create a large oval nose for the koala.

Step 5. [Skip this step if you’re creating a koala mask] Using the white paint, create two round eyes for the koala. When the paint is dry, add in little black paint circles to create the pupils (this can also be done with a black pen if it’s easier)

Turn your koala into a koala mask!

To create a mask, simply cut holes in the plate instead of painting the eyes, and attach a piece of elastic (or two ribbons) around the large plate using sticky tape.

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