Our Top Island Experiences on Barbados

02 November 2021

Barbados is famous around for the world for its pinkish-white, sugar-soft beaches and blissful tropical climate softened by the Atlantic trade winds. But there’s plenty else on offer for visitors, including beguiling Harrison’s Cave with its crystallised formations viewable from an electric tram, Flower Forest Botanical Garden on a former sugar plantation, with a lovely trail of colourful plants and trees plus a café serving flying-fish sandwiches and home-made rum punch, submarine tours to take in a shipwreck and dazzling reef life, and watching the sunset from the Barbados Boardwalk. 

There is also an array of active pursuits, including surfing on the east coast, catamaran cruises with snorkelling, swimming near hawksbill, leatherback and green turtles. and scuba diving. While underwater, expect to spot the likes of barracuda, eels, lionfish, parrotfish, reef squid, Bermuda chub, grouper and tube sponges. The following are some of our all-time favourite experiences on Barbados.


Oistin’s Fish Fry on a Friday Night

This laidback weekly party is one of the best places in Barbados to try local cuisine, but it’s also a place to imbibe some of Barbados’ famous party spirit. Indeed, no stay is complete without a night out here, to feast on seafood cooked at stalls in front of you and dance to a mix of back-in-time hits and calypso, including current Crop Over favourites.

For dining, choose from tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, lobster and flying fish, grilled or fried, depending on the vendor you choose from. Barbados is actually known as ‘The Land of the Flying Fish’ and its national dish is flying fish with coucou (cornmeal and okra). Other delicious Bajan dishes include Pudding and Souse (pickled pork with spiced sweet potatoes) and the island is also renowned for its hot pepper sauce. 


Catamaran Cruises with Snorkelling or Diving

The best sailing excursions in Barbados have a small number of passengers and include an open bar, an array of snacks and a buffet lunch of delicious Bajan specialities, along with music and dancing should you feel in the mood to join in.

Pick-up from and drop-off at your resort makes the whole experience hassle-free. You can swim or snorkel close to gentle green turtles, with equipment included. You can also sometimes see southern Stingrays and hawksbill turtles. For divers, there can also be the chance to explore shipwrecks.


Hiring a Car and Driving to the East Coast for a Picnic

Hire a car in Barbados and enjoy the freedom to discover the less-touristy and more rugged Atlantic Coast of the island at your own sweet pace and to stop for a beach picnic wherever the mood takes you – perhaps in surfing spot Bathsheba, one of the island’s prettiest spots, with sparkling rock pools and a large lawn ideal for unfurling your picnic blanket (there are plenty of places nearby to buy provisions if you don’t bring food and drink provided by your hotel).

Barbados has the eastern Caribbean’s most consistent surf, including a year-round swell on the east coast thanks to the constant trade winds. Bathsheba is home to the Soup Bowl, a world-class right-point break perfect for experienced surfers; for beginners, Sandbank 10 minutes’ walk from Bathsheba is generally a more mellow spot.


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