Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort: Living sustainably on an island paradise

28 September 2021

Located on a pristine stretch of white sand on the Andaman Sea and framed by verdant tropical gardens, the Phi Phi island Beach Resort presents guests with a tranquil corner of Thailand where integration with nature is at the heart of everything. This resort’s eco-focussed concept means guests directly help to protect the natural beauty of the island, creating an overriding feel-good experience.

Green Leaf Certificate for environmental efforts

At the start of 2018, the resort joined the Green Leaf Certification programme which operates to develop sustainable tourism in Thailand. Through the programme, properties and their operations are audited and awarded between one and five leaves based on the success of their environmental management and conservation efforts.

Phi Phi Island Village currently boasts a three-leaf rating and is hoping to increase this in the future by working closely with environmental experts from several stakeholder groups to manage and recover the natural state of Koh Phi Phi using nature-based solutions.

Environmental sustainability is engrained in the resort’s design and day-to-day operations with bungalows designed to minimise resource use, LED lights and energy efficient air conditioners to reduce electricity consumption, eco-friendly products used to clean rooms, natural insect repellents sprayed in the gardens and compost made from waste vegetation being used on the gardens. Guests are also encouraged to bear sustainability in mind during their stay by reducing water and electricity consumption and reusing linen and towels.

A reverse osmosis plant has been installed to provide the resort with clean water. The system uses water collected and stored during the rainy season in large reservoirs and then processes it in the plant when required and does so with low running costs and little maintenance requirements. The aim of installing the plant was to provide the resort’s fresh water through an environmentally sustainable method.

Marine Discovery Centre

The resort’s Marine Discovery Centre was established to raise awareness and educate tourists and locals on the importance of conserving marine biodiversity.

The centre is made up of four sections: Shark Room, Clownfish Room, Phi Phi Islands Room and the Auditorium. The interactive displays in the centre engage guests to learn about the marine habitats that are unique to the Andaman Sea. It also serves as a base for breeding and reintroduction programmes of clownfish and bamboo sharks, in which guests are welcomed to get involved.  

Save the Ocean initiative

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort engages in a corporate-social responsibility project named ‘Save the Ocean’, which runs to protect the surrounding marine environment from degradation and in particular, coral bleaching.

As part of the resort’s initiative to protect the surrounding waters of the Noppharat National Park, they have launched the coral reef action project. Within this, coral is grown in the resort’s nurseries before being taken out to sea and planted by staff and guests, when it is mature enough to propagate in the wild. Staff regularly bring guests to partake in coral planting, coral reef cleaning, mangrove planting and generally assisting with marine conservation efforts with the aim of regenerating the local mangroves and coral reefs.

Social responsibility

The resort combines environmental and social sustainability and recently joined forces with island residents for an island-wide clean-up which successfully brought the island community together and strengthened bonds.

The resort also celebrates traditional Thai festivals with its guests such as the nationwide water fight of Songkran and the Thai festival of lights: Loy Krathong. As well as giving guests a flavour of Thai culture, this also more deeply connects them to their host country through a cultural appreciation which then extends to the environment.


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