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05 October 2018

Adventure beyond Europe’s borders with Travel Counsellors and discover the rest of the world. Experience distinct destinations, from thriving urban centres and rich culinary meccas to sprawling exotic landscapes when you opt for one of our bespoke long-haul itineraries.

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Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll make sure your holiday is tailored to your budget and specifications. Want that perfect family resort in Mexico? Would you prefer a romantic American city-break or a tour of cultural sites in the Far East? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve cherry-picked some of our favourite long-haul destinations, giving you some idea of what to expect from the tailored itinerary we’ll create for your faraway adventure.

Our whistle-stop tour begins in Dubai. This thriving Middle Eastern city is known for its cutting-edge skyscrapers, vast shopping centres, indoor amusement parks and luxury hotels, making it an ideal getaway destination for everyone from couples to families. From there head to the Indian Ocean, a region characterised by sugar-white beaches, rare wildlife friendly locals and half-board havens – the perfect place to get away from it all and chill.

Tour the exotic sites of the Far East, as we introduce you to the region’s spectacular pagodas, futuristic cities and spectacular landscapes. Other stops on our trip include Vancouver – an urban centre perched on the edge of nature, India – the land of variety and Australia – known for its vibrant coral reefs, indigenous culture and iconic beaches.

Spend time in the Caribbean, where you can spend days sipping fruity cocktails on powdered white sands by turquoise waters, as palm trees sway in the breeze. Travel to Mexico where you can explore Mayan ruins, lagoons, deserts, snow-capped peaks and sprawling megacities while tasting traditional treats such as tacos and Tequila. End your journey in the USA, where you’ll discover an entirely new adventure in each of the country’s unique 50 states.

It’s a big wide world, and there are so many destinations to choose from. Let your Travel Counsellor find the best holiday for you. Whether you’re looking to take a road trip through the Deep South, fly to Barbados for a golfing getaway, cruise through Alaskan glaciers or honeymoon on the beaches of Mauritius, there’s a long-haul destination that’s right for you.

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