Cruise Brochure

22 August 2019

Welcome to our brand-new cruise brochure. We are passionate about cruise at Travel Counsellors and truly have our finger on the pulse when it comes to new and well-established itineraries, classic and up-and-coming destinations, and fantastic promotions lasting right through to 2020, meaning you can start thinking about your trip well in advance.

Discover some of the most exotic regions and alluring cities as you sail around the world with our fantastic cruise lines. Whether you want to indulge in sumptuous luxury, take a family trip, sail the high seas or sample something a little different, there's a cruise for you.





Read our new cruise brochure to find inspiration for your next holiday - no matter where you plan to explore.

Click here for part 1 

Click here for part 2

If you're ready to sample life on the ocean waves, contact your Travel Counsellor and take advantage of a range of benefits including full financial protection and a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and even after your trip.

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