Spotlight on Thailand

03 October 2017

Thailand is a truly mesmerising country. It’s an intoxicating blend of ancient culture, dazzling colours, and bold flavours. Chaotic cities nestle next to emerald green jungles and brilliant white beaches creating a diverse tropical paradise often referred to as Asia in miniature.

Did you know?

Travel Counsellor David visited Thailand in April 2016: "Perhaps the highlight of the whole stay for us was the full day trip we took on our wedding anniversary to 'James Bond Island' (Ko Tapu). Our first stop was Khai Nai Island for relaxing, snorkelling and sunbaking, then it was off again for a lunch stop at Panyi Island, a Muslim Village built over water. After lunch we were off again, this time to Hong Island where we transferred to sea canoes and explored the wonders of the limestone islands and cave canoeing - a memorable experience that should not be missed on any trip to Phuket. After taking numerous photographs we were sped off to the highlight of the day 'James Bond Island' featured in the James Bond Film " The Man with the Golden Gun", again a wonderful time to explore and, of course, take the obligatory photograph!"

When to visit Thailand

Sights to see in Thailand

Travel Counsellor Richard has visited Thailand 14 times and recently returned from a trip to Hua Hin, Koh Tao, Koh Phanghan, Koh Samui: "I started [this trip] in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is around 3 hours from Bangkok by road and this is a destination I would definitely recommend. There are many excursions you can take, which include shopping trips and boat trips. I then travelled from Hua Hin to Koh Tao (a top diving destination in Asia) We spent hours snorkelling every day. The water is crystal clear and you will see hundreds of different species of fish and corals." 

Try something a little different…

Travel Counsellor Katrina stayed at Elephant Hills in November 2016: "I must admit I was concerned about creepy crawlies getting in to my tent, but I had nothing to fear – the only things getting in our tent were my sister and myself! The tents are spacious with good comfortable beds, fans, tea and coffee making facilities and a fabulous en-suite bathroom with toilet and hot/cold shower. You can even get the internet in them.

Words are not enough to convey how beautiful it is in this part of Thailand. With mountains and forests surrounding the camp and the sounds of monkeys and other creatures it is truly magical.

Of course, it was the elephants we wanted to meet and in the afternoon of our first day we were taken by kayak to meet them. They played in the pond and rolled in the mud ready for us to hose them down, give them a good scrub and get up close and personal to these amazing, beautiful creatures. Then it was time for tea for the elephants. We chopped up fruit for them and then fed them by hand – fabulous! What a privilege this was."

A taste of Thailand

Aromatic herbs, brilliant red chillies, and coconut milk are just a few of the fresh ingredients that create the mouthwatering cuisine Thailand is known for. And a half-day or full-day cookery course while you’re away is a perfect way to learn how to make a few moreish dishes when you get home!

For more ideas about what to do in Thailand, when to go or where to stay, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor.

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