Sustainability renovations at The Datai Langkawi

08 August 2019

In December of 2018 The Datai Langkawi opened its doors following a substantial renovation project in which a renewed commitment to sustainability was an underpinning corner stone. The renovation aimed to: refresh the resorts look while staying true to itself and existing in harmony with its verdant rainforest surroundings, reduce the environmental footprint of the resort, and protect the surrounding environment.

Nature at the heart of design

Blessed with an abundance of natural flora and fauna, and set against a backdrop of stunning mountain ranges, The Datai Langkawi embraces its natural surroundings and exists in balance with the environment around it. As part of the resort’s recent renovations, the buildings structures have been given a natural finish to allow them to blend seamlessly with the beautifully lush rainforest that envelops them. 

The resort’s spa treatments draw upon traditional Malay knowledge to harness the healing power of native plants and herbs found in the local rainforest, and to create a sensory experience of relaxation and regeneration.

Consuming less energy, water and single-use plastic

The resort is now on a mission to continue to thrive in unison with its surroundings and preserve the environmental conditions that make it so distinct. One of the ways it is doing this is by recycling and upcycling waste products in its own recycling plant, thus reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill and giving items a new purpose. The on-site bottling plant is also helping to decrease the amount of single-use plastic that the resort goes through.

Away from waste, the resort has established a permaculture garden to allow them to grow their own produce in an ecologically harmonious manner and in a way that most efficiently utilises the space available. This has resulted in reduced food miles meaning guests receive fresher produce at a reduced cost to the environment.

Protecting the surrounding environment

Protecting the local environment, in particular the coral reef systems, is a high priority for Datai Langkawi. As a dwindling ecosystem that has such huge importance for the earth as a whole, Datai has taken steps to ensure that their local coral reef ecosystem stays healthy through various measures such as constructing artificial reefs which are monitored by their dedicated marine biologists, and building a coral nursery where coral will grow during its infancy then be added to the ocean to mature and contribute to the existing coral reef ecosystem.

There has also been outreach to the local fishing community to remove the damaging effects that fishing can have on the marine environment. By educating people on the harm of overfishing and damaging coral, Datai Langkawi are helping secure the longevity of marine life there, thus ensuring fishing can be economically and environmentally sustainable.

“Langkawi is simply one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to. For me, it ticks every box: Weather, food, nature, 5* luxury, romance, relaxation, and top customer service to name just a few.”

Olivia, Travel Counsellors


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