Tenerife – an island without limits

01 December 2020

The inviting prospect of a holiday in Tenerife has long been appealing to tourists from across Europe. The island encapsulates everything one could want in a beach getaway: relaxed vibe, year-round pleasant climate and, of course, miles of inviting sandy shores and cool natural rock pools. Beyond Tenerife’s postcard image, there’s an island of unforgettable experiences, some of which may surprise you.

Stunning natural landscapes

You’ll find no shortage of pristine natural settings in Tenerife; 48% of the island is protected territory. A must-see during your visit is the otherworldly spectacle of Teide National Park. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, the park is home to Spain’s highest peak which towers over the island at 3,718m elevation. The island's rugged terrain is a major draw for cyclists, who flock there to test their endurance against its testing inclines, and hikers looking to explore the 1,500km of trails that wind through ancient forests, along dramatic coastlines and across lunar-like landscapes.


The vast area the Teide National Park occupies has a clear atmosphere and very little light pollution, resulting in beautifully clear night skies. The entire park has been declared a Starlight destination as one of the best places in the world for stargazing. There are a number of organised tours that will take you into the park to admire the night sky in the company of experts. We recommend heading down a little early to catch the sunset as the fading glow across the rocks and ridges conjures up a superb photo opportunity.

Whale and dolphin watching

21 species of whale and dolphin are known to frequent the waters off Tenerife’s south-west coast. Pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins can be found there pretty much year-round but to spot migrating baleen whales you’re best to visit during the winter and early spring months when you’ll still find pleasant temperatures of over 20C.

These marine wildlife spotting excursions provide great fun for the whole family. Many of the trips depart from ports in Los Cristianos, Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes, so if you’re staying elsewhere on the island, speak to you Travel Counsellor about arranging transport there.

Michelin Star dining

As the proud home of five Michelin-starred restaurants, Tenerife is something of a magnet for gastronomes.

The Michelin Star-awarded Kazan occupies a spot within walking distance to the harbour in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, taking inspiration from the island’s geography in its name which translates as ‘Volcano’. The restaurant serves up an authentic Japanese menu with an ever-changing ‘daily suggestions’ board which is a good way to go if you can’t make up your mind. 

The most recent recipient of a Michelin Star on the island is NUB. The restaurant's innovative fusion of Canarian, Italian and Chilean flavours has seen it garner praise from critics and the members of the general public alike.

Over on the island’s south-west coast, there are three Michelin-starred restaurants, two of which sit within the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Abama. At Abama Kabuki you’ll find a fusion of Japanese and western culinary styles, like their take on the British fish and chips. For a more traditional taste of Spain, the Abama’s other awarded restaurant, M.B., delivers Basque dishes using fresh local produce. The third of the restaurants can be found in Los Gigantes. El Rincón de Juan Carlos is a family-run establishment that showcases Tenerife's fresh seafood with an unmissable tasting menu that pairs dishes with 12 locally-sourced wines. 

Luxury accommodation


Over the years, Tenerife has developed a real depth of options in the accommodation. Choose from globally-renowned hotel brands that offer tried and tested experiences, private villas where you can set up your own little bubble in an island paradise, or smaller boutique properties that push the envelope and deliver a more unique experience of the island, one that will live long in the memory. Whether you're looking to tie in some rejuvenating spa treatments, take in a round of golf, or simply indulge in a plethora of superb dining options, Tenerife's hotels have plenty to offer.


For the latest advice on safety measures and requirements for travelling to Tenerife, speak to your Travel Counsellor who'll be more than happy to walk you through Covid-related information and travel advice. 

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