The moments we're looking forward to

05 October 2020

As travel restrictions continue to linger, we decided to look back on where our Travel Counsellors have helped you to create the moments that mattered to you, as a reminder of what’s to come when normality resumes. 

With your help, we’ve compiled a list of the moments that we’re most looking forward to – those that are keeping us excited about travel in the future.

Ticking off items from our bucket list


“Ta Prohm is unique in that it has been left largely as it was found; overgrown by jungle trees and vines, with many parts of the temple crumbling to the ground. This makes the ‘Tomb Raider Temple’ one of the most picturesque and memorable of the Angkor temples.”

Colette, Travel Counsellor  


Embracing new cultures


“Kyoto was the capital of Japan for 1000 years and is the best destination to experience the cultural and traditional side to the country.”

David, Travel Counsellor  


Spotting nature's most elusive spectacles


“Ten days touring across Sri Lanka seeing the amazing people, culture and scenery, going on safaris to see wild leopards and elephants and then flying to a private island in the Seychelles to our honeymoon suite with a private beach to relax with fine dining and luxury in style! Perfect from start to finish!”

Marcus, travel Counsellors customer


Get in touch with your Travel Counsellor today to begin planning the moments that you can look forward to and take advantage of exclusive benefits such as full financial protection and a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and even after your trip. 

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