The moments we're looking forward to

05 October 2020

As travel restrictions continue to linger, we decided to look back on where our Travel Counsellors have helped you to create the moments that mattered to you, as a reminder of what’s to come when normality resumes. 

With your help, we’ve compiled a list of the moments that we’re most looking forward to – those that are keeping us excited about travel in the future.

Letting our hair down after months of confinement



Seeing the world’s most iconic sights for ourselves



Encountering new cultures


"A mesmerising intoxicating blend of crazy neon and modern infrastructure contrasting with deeply-steeped ancient culture and courteous, respectful citizens going about their business, sometimes in huge numbers sharing tiny confined spaces."

Julie, Travel Counsellor


Embracing our sense of adventure once more



Enjoying moments of pure bliss


"If you haven't already visited the Italian Lakes add it to your list, you will not be disappointed."

Trudie, Travel Counsellor


Coming face to face with nature’s finest creations



Meeting special people


  "Visiting Lapland was such a wonderful thing to do as a family and one I would highly recommend to anyone."

Nic, Travel Counsellor


Enjoying time with those that we already hold dear to our hearts


"I am a big believer in the importance of travel for families; it introduces us to the world, creates inquisitive minds and gives us confidence"

Lisa, Travel Counsellor


And experiencing the extra special moments that will live with us for the rest of our lives



Get in touch with your Travel Counsellor today to begin planning the moments that you can look forward to and take advantage of exclusive benefits such as full financial protection and a 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and even after your trip. 

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