Time to check in with TC Ted

05 September 2019

September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day so we thought we should take the time to check in with everyone’s favourite cuddly toy, TC Ted, for an update on his globetrotting adventures.

This summer has seen Ted undertake a mission to make travel more sustainable and travellers have been helping him achieve that, one trip at a time.

In Croatia, Ted was using his plastic-free and reef-friendly sun cream to make sure that he didn’t inadvertently contaminate the local waters when he went for a paddle. Even better, his sun cream was cruelty free too.

Over in Italy, Ted tucked into the local cuisine and treated himself to a pizza. He always clears up after himself though to ensure that the stunning destinations he visits stay that way for others to go and enjoy.

Ted has visited Orlando where he was sure to only use water bottles that are made from 100% recycled plastic. This is so that he can help keep our oceans clean and safe for the amazing marine animals that inhabit them.

Ted also spent some time in Turkey with his young friends and taught them how to be sustainable travellers, so that they can grow up to be champions of sustainable travel and help maintain the amazing places they visit.

After touching down in Portugal, Ted headed straight to the beautifully immaculate golden sand beaches to top up his tan. These gorgeous beaches are kept clean with the help of every visitor that tidies up after themselves and disposes of their rubbish appropriately.

Finally, Ted stopped by Kuala Lumpur to experience the warm Malaysian welcome and gaze at the imposing Petronas Towers which dominate the city skyline. Here, Ted visited the local night markets because he knows that the money spent there stays within the local community and the food is the most delicious.


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