Top 5 things for families to do in Barbados

19 September 2018

One of the top destinations in the world and also one of the most beautiful, Barbados is surrounded by beaches, sprinkled with palm trees and dotted with picturesque fishing villages. There is so much to do, and so many treasures to uncover, as you and your family soak up the warmth and enjoy the comforts of the island. Landlubbers and seafarers alike can have their pick of surf and turf activities appropriate for all ages. Take a look below at five of our favourite things to do as a family whilst in sunny Barbados.

Take in the sights on #1 Bajan Bus

This unique and lovingly restored part of Barbadian history is one of the earliest means of transport in the “old days”. Take a seat on the open-sided bus and discover the very best of Barbados with a friendly and upbeat tour guide. Visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, take a scenic drive through the countryside or experience a variety of authentic local rum shops. It’s a great way to experience all that Barbados has to offer.

Take an Adventure Safari off-road island tour

This five-hour non-stop fun expedition will take you and your family to some of the most scenic areas of Barbados. Visit the Lion at Gun Hill, Hackleton's Cliff, Bathsheba’s dramatic Atlantic breakers and stunning rock formations. Explore picturesque Cove Bay and Little Bay on the island's beautiful north coast, with dramatic blowholes and breathtaking cliff-side vistas. The kids will also  love the off-roading on rugged terrain in Joe’s River Forest, where you'll see the heart and soul of Barbados and its people.

Visit the animal kingdom of Barbados

Feast your eyes on the abundance of animals feeding and playing as you stroll freely through their natural environment at Barbados Wildlife Reserve. See agouti, armadillo, Brocket deer, pelicans, caimans and monkeys. Fans of reptiles can observe iguanas, turtles and tortoises, whilst parrots, flamingos and peacocks share the premises and add bright splashes of colour. The more dangerous animals are kept in safe enclosures, allowing kids to get up close and personal with their friendlier animal favourites.

Sun, Sand and Snorkelling

Take in the spectacular Barbados coastline from above and below the water as you snorkel on a shallow shipwreck full of tropical marine life, with the opportunity to spot sea turtles. Sail along the gorgeous coastline of Barbados on a luxurious catamaran cruise before stopping in numerous different areas to snorkel in tranquil bays and discover the multi-coloured world below the surface of the water.

Journey underground to Harrison’s Cave

Pop on your adventurer’s hat and explore underground with a one-hour cave tour. Step into the crystallised limestone cave and travel by tram to the entrance used by early explorers, and learn all about this spectacular natural wonder. Discover the streams running through the cave, see the astounding pools of crystal clear water, and admire the glistening stalactites and stalagmites.


With stunning natural wonders, welcoming people, some of the world’s best beaches and lots to keep the whole family entertained, why not head to Barbados on your next holiday? Get in touch with your Travel Counsellor today to craft your perfect holiday.

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