Top tips for enjoying long-haul flights

16 September 2019

Long-haul flights open the door to a huge selection of amazing destinations that must be seen to be believed. Unfortunately, some people are deterred by the extended journey times.

We want everyone to sample the delicacies of Bangkok, ride the waves at Bondi, ski the mountains of Canada and relax on Caribbean beaches, so we’ve made a list of tips to help you enjoy the long-haul inflight experience.

Choose the right cabin for you

When flying long haul, you can be onboard for upwards of eight hours so it’s wise to get the cabin that’s right for you. Any airline operating long-haul flights will offer a range of cabin options to meet the needs and budgets of every traveller, so you can choose whether you want your flight to be a comfortable relaxing experience or venture into the territory of high-end luxury.

Avoiding jet lag

Jet lag can happen when your body clock is disrupted by crossing multiple time zones. To ensure that this doesn’t dampen the start of your trip, it’s best to adjust your sleeping pattern before your flight, even by just a small amount each night, and prepare yourself to sleep on the plane if it’s after dark at the destination you’re heading to.

Take snacks

In-flight meals are often delicious, well-balanced dishes with plenty of choice to please everyone. However, if you get a particular craving or a hunger that just can’t be satisfied, it’s always advisable to carry your own snacks, especially if travelling with kids.

Stay hydrated

Air conditioning can make the cabin feel a little dry after a while so keep a bottle of water to hand so you aren’t reliant on cabin crew to fetch refreshments.


If you have any medical issues, always pack any medication you need in your hand luggage to be stored overhead within easy reach should you need it.


Pack toiletries to help keep you feeling fresh and in your routine onboard. Moisturiser and lip balm can keep your skin feeling hydrated onboard. You’ll be grateful you packed your toothbrush and toothpaste when it comes to bedtime, and this can aid you in getting to sleep by maintaining your turn down routine. Deodorant is also advisable.

Take a good book

Inflight entertainment options on long-haul flights are superb, with enough entertaining movies and TV shows for multiple laps of the globe, music covering every genre and engaging games for all ages. But, with hours of peace and quiet ahead of you, the flight is an excellent opportunity to get lost in a good book. If you’re travelling with kids, taking a puzzle or colouring book can help keep them busy.

Perfect opportunity to get work done

The little ones may not thank us for this one, but with several hours of time to pass, a long-haul flight is an excellent opportunity for kids to get their schoolwork done before their holiday, and will give you piece of mind that they’re up to date. Many airlines have seating designed to allow you to take your work onboard and with Wi-Fi available, you’ll have your own office in the skies.

Activities and toys for the kids

The inflight experience should be something to excite the kids and bringing some activities and toys can help prevent them from getting bored. If they have a favourite teddy, you could also pack that to help them feel more comfortable in the unfamiliar surroundings.

Dress comfortably

Try to think of an outfit that you’ll be happy to wear sat on a plane for the duration of your journey. You’ll be able to change for your destination’s climate when you arrive. The cabin can get a little chilly, so it’s advisable to wear multiple layers that you can remove as you like. Don’t wear shoes that are too tight because your feet can swell and become uncomfortable.


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