Travel Counsellors’ Covid-19 Insurance cover

16 November 2020

It's now more important than ever to take out travel insurance as soon as you book your next trip. Your Travel Counsellor will be pleased to talk through the enhanced travel insurance options provided by our partner, Rush Insurance, underwritten by tifgroup.


What is it? Enhanced travel insurance options for Travel Counsellors customers, provided by our partner Rush Insurance, underwritten by tifgroup.

Why it matters:

You’re covered before you travel, should you need to cancel your trip due to:

Contracting Covid-19 before departure

Having to isolate due to a positive diagnosis

Being refused boarding at your UK airport due to showing positive symptoms (and this is supported by a positive diagnosis)



You’re covered during your trip should you fall ill with Covid-19:

Curtailment covs available if you need to cut your journey shorter i

Medical Cover is available if you become ill with Covid-19 whilst overseas

Insurance also covers cruises and repatriation



You have further options to choose from, including:

Cover to protect you if you are denied boarding on your return journey, due to displaying symptoms, such as a high temperature

If purchased, this will provide cover for any extra nights’ accommodation required and return transport back to the UK



Solo travellers


Families, with free cover for children up to 18 years

Single-parent families

Unaccompanied children aged 2-18 years

Passengers with pre-existing medical conditions, subject to a complete medical declaration*

Insurance cover is available on single trips with no upper age limit, and on annual trips for passengers up to 79 years


Get in touch with your Travel Counsellor today to discuss the travel insurance options available to you.


Terms and Conditions

Please see Policy Wordings for full details: Premier, Premier Plus and LongStay/ Backpacker

This is a travel insurance policy and not a private medical insurance. This means there is no cover for any medical expenses incurred in private medical facilities if we have confirmed that medically capable public facilities are available.

There is no cover on any of our policies if you travel against the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), government, local authority, or medical advice

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