Widen your horizons with a long-haul holiday this year

09 April 2019

Travel Counsellors sell destinations all over the world, from staycations in the UK to holidays in the rest of Europe or further afield. But there are certain experiences that you can only enjoy by flying long-haul. We’ve looked at some of the most compelling reasons to make this year the one in which you book that long-haul trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Visiting around the Easter period is an absolute blast as it usually coincides with Songkran, a Thai festival that involves 2–3 days of the biggest water fights you’ve ever seen. Prepare to get very wet! I tend to find many clients are pleasantly surprised at the excellent value at this time of year compared with traditional favourites such as the Canary Islands.”

Anne Marie, Travel Counsellor

The Great Wall did not fall short of my expectations, in fact, it surpassed them completely. It snakes along the mountains for as far as the eye can see, but unlike my previous conception it is not just one long wall; there are several ‘legs’ we could see, where it split and went off in another direction. From flat wide walkways to gentle steps, it dramatically climbs like a rollercoaster to reach the towers on the peaks, where steps knee-high inevitably lead to almost a sheer drop the other side of the tower.”

Sandra, Travel Counsellor

I cannot explain the feeling you get when you look out over the Andes and see Inca settlements that stand proudly set into the mountains, or the cloud forest sprawling out ahead of you… It’s just magical!”

Peridot, Travel Counsellor

The next day we started early with a wonderful speedboat ride from Flores to Komodo island. Another great jetlag-buster, it was a great way to see the islands from the sea, and to watch the small mangrove-infested islets rush by […] When we reached the islands, we went on a two-hour trek to find the (not too elusive) Komodo dragons. They can run at a pretty fast pace, so we had to keep our distance… We obviously got the obligatory photo with one, though!”

Guy, Travel Counsellor

We made it to Australia and in fact, I would go as far as to say we all enjoyed the flight. We researched, planned and made sure that we were ready for it. There was no sense of dread about the return flight – only that we were leaving wonderful people and such a wonderful place. We left our Australian adventure with a burning desire to go back, and we will.”

Claire, Travel Counsellor

We’ve travelled as a family to South Africa since my children were babies and we all fall in love a little more each time we go to this stunning country. It's a long flight but we always did overnight flights, so the children slept most of the way. There is something for everyone: beaches, wine regions, extreme sports, Victoria Falls, driving along the Garden Route and of course game drives. It's a perfect winter sun destination with only a one- or two-hour time difference so there’s no jetlag!

Helen, Travel Counsellor


The first flight to Dubai was around seven hours […] The kids were more than happy to sit with their headphones on and make full use of the amazing entertainment system Emirates have on board. They have special channels for pre-schoolers and kids, with all the favourites on there, and it’s all ‘on demand’ and so easy to use that my three-year-old was quite happy switching and changing between movies, TV and games, which meant that I could sit back with a glass of wine and watch a movie myself – a rare occurrence!

Katie, Travel Counsellor

Our most popular long-haul destinations:

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