Wildlife spotting in the British Summertime

10 June 2020

The British summer is a time of colour, when wildlife flourishes and flora is in full bloom. The sun blankets the ground in its warming rays, enticing all manner of creature out into the open to bask in its inviting glow. This creates superb opportunities for us to get out, making the most of the sunshine, to catch a glimpse of the wildlife of the British Isles.

Minke Whale, Scotland


Minkie Whales are the smallest of all whales found around the British Isles, though are relatively populous so their diminutive size shouldn’t hinder your chance of spotting one. The species is defined by its dark grey body, broad back and curved fin. They often feature a grey band on the side of their flipper.

Where to stay: Hunters Quay, Argyll

Bottlenose Dolphin, Cornwall

Bottlesnose Dolphin are regularly spotted in the waters off north Cornwall throughout summer. These differ from the common dolphin as they are more of a dark grey colour and feature paler sides and belly.

Where to stay: The Scarlet Hotel, Newquay

Seal pups, Pembrokeshire

If you visit South Pembrokeshire in late summertime, you may spot the adorable sight of seal pups on the shores. Spotting these streamlined marine mammals can be tied into a long weekend away in Pembrokeshire as you explore the county’s many hiking routes and natural beauty spots.

Where to stay: Grove of Narberth, Narberth

Peregrine Falcons, Cornwall

The fastest animal in the world can be spotted darting through the skies in locations across the UK but to catch these creatures at their most magnificent, head down to Cornwall to catch their phenomenal aerial display above the granite cliffs as they dive for unsuspecting prey below.

Where to stay: Surf View, Cornwall

Adders, Devon

The British Isles are home to only three native snake species, making the adder something of an anomaly in our ecosystem.  They mostly inhabit undisturbed areas of land, away from too much human interference, such as moors and coastal areas. The adder’s camouflaged markings make them difficult to spot, but should you see one you’ll notice a long continuous zig-zag shape along its back with dots on either side.

Devon’s long coastal tracks atop the cliffs are perfect adder territory, so when you’re down there enjoying your summer getaway, keep an eye for the reclusive reptiles.

Where to stay: Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Salcombe


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