Day 1 - The flight

Gill Hunter on 01 July 2019

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The intention of my recent trip to Mauritius was to visit a selection of hotels and develop a good working relationship with the hotel guest relation team and wedding planners.

Day 1. Airport parking and the flight.

On Sunday we drove to Gatwick Airport and parked at APH Parking. This was really easy, you drive in and hand your keys to reception, they park it onsite and have it ready for when you return. The transfer bus arrived 10 minutes later and the journey to the airport took about 20 minutes.

We checked in for our Tui flight. We had upgraded to premium economy as we didn't fancy a 12 hour flight on a normal charter. We had FastTrack through passport control and use of a lounge until the flight was boarding. The flight was surprisingly good, we had plenty of leg room and the food was probably the best airline food I've eaten. The crew were very attentive and professional.

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