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Hi, my name is Graham, and I am based in Arundel, West Sussex - thanks so much for visiting my webpage where you will find a wide range of information & customer feedback as well as travel offers & ideas to all parts of the world, which I would be delighted to put together for you. You will also find links to my Instagram & Twitter pages where I publish travel offers.

I have over 40 years’ experience in the travel & aviation industry and will look to provide a stress-free experience for all your travel needs. Whether you would like a bespoke trip entirely tailored to you (rather than an "off the shelf" itinerary on some website), or you'd prefer a similar destination to where you have been before, I can turn your dreams into reality, and for a lot less hassle and time than organising it yourself. Every holiday I book is also 100% financially protected under ATOL and through the Travel Counsellors Trust.

I have been lucky enough to travel very extensively around the globe (around 80 countries at the last count) - most recently to South America, the USA, Far East, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Europe, South Africa & India. Enjoying personal experiences as well as organised trips such as cricket tours, Andre Rieu / Billy Joel concerts and historical holidays.

Being *fully independent* means I have the freedom to take time to get to know you personally and the flexibility to deal with your queries in a way that suits you – including evenings and on weekends. Being part of the Travel Counsellors network, I have access to thousands of hotels, flights and experiences with the buying power to secure the best rates and the special relationships with suppliers to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

I’m really looking forward to helping you plan your holiday and providing you with nothing less than the service and treatment I would expect myself. So, please get in touch - I'll be happy to help, book and look after you and yours from start to finish and onto the next holiday adventure!


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Needs to be New England

18 February 2022

With travel restrictions eased between the UK & USA, I, along with plenty of other travellers were keen to reunite with family & friends; so I was off to the USA to see my son & daughter-in-law, Haley - along with their adorable dog called Sheikmo (Shake Mo)! After a couple of nights spent at their apartment in New York City near Central Park, we rented a 4x4 to take us to the States of New Hampshire & Vermont for a typical snowy/wintery holiday. It was an opportunity to have a good "play" around - some shopping in the sales & relaxation after a couple of 2 traumatic years not being able to travel and switch off. We had what I would call a stop & flop & relaxation holiday without too much travelling - and certainly the accommodation we had in Vermont you could have heard a pin drop - it was wonderful. Then 10 days later - I was on my way back to the UK - aboard JetBlue - the newest airline to fly between JFK & LGW; great service at reasonable cost too! I was truly wonderful to be above the clouds again on the flights to and fro; but also a change of scenery - seeing my nearest and dearest and a truly relaxing trip all round! Can't wait to see them again - as soon as possible. GI/18/02/2022

Now in New York!

31 December 2020

A year later - and another long awaited trip to the USA - this time to NY; travelling with our son, William who has since moved there from South Carolina. This was to be a particularly poignant moment for me - having lived there for over 15 years when my parents worked and lived there. It was great to see some memorable street signs and of course, iconic buildings which are NY treasures such as the Empire State, Chrysler [where my father worked close to the then twin towers], Radio City Hall and many others. I was able to be a (rusty) tour guide for Jacque and we had the best 10 days in any city from start to finish. Will (and his wife Haley) have moved to NY from South Carolina for business reasons and don't regret it; even Sheikmo the dog has settled in and remembered us from a year before. A shame it wasn't the baseball season to watch my beloved NY Mets - but at least saw their new stadium (City Field) which replaced Shea Stadium. We were able to see a couple of evening shows and play some indoor golf ! Some of the sights were on the pricey side - but all in all; worth the fees to see the city in all its glory! NYC is all that's written about it - and was particularly interesting for me as a previous "local"! We were hoping to go back for the Xmas holidays with a trip to another point within driving distance of the city - but like everyone else - the outbreak of Covid-19 soon put a stop to that unfortunately. And like everyone else - I am looking forward to my next trip abroad - hopefully to the USA to catch up with family and friends!

Group tour to Chile, Uruguay & Argentina

08 January 2021

I was asked to organise & host a trip from the UK to South America (Chile, Uruguay & Argentina) for a group of former servicemen/women and their spouses to commemorate fallen colleagues in the Battle of the River Plate (December 1939) which borders Uruguay & Argentina. We (total of 44 passengers) started our 19-day trip from Heathrow to Santiago (Chile) flying with Air France via Paris. Overnight flight (12.5 hrs) arrived early into Santiago - we were met and taken to our downtown hotel. Our itinerary was thrown up in the air a bit due to civil unrest in the capital and other cities we were due to visit. Nonetheless local travel colleagues were able to make some adjustments; we visited some other truly delightful places along the way including the Colchagua valley - famous for local wines. We had a couple of days in the region visiting various tourist sites including its museum which had many artifacts including the story & actual rescue capsule for the Chilean miners, trapped underground back in 2010. While in Santiago we were able to visit museums, its Cable Car at the Metropolitan Park of San Cristóbal Hill - also visits to the UK & German embassies as part of the military reasons for being there at the time. A short flight to Montevideo - again staying downtown to facilitate visits to museums, military offices and embassies of UK, Uruguay, Argentina - a wreath laying ceremony at Punte del Este and a day off to visit Colonia - a truly lovely town which photos don't do credit. The country has marvellous beaches; parks and of course boasts the venue of the 1st ever soccer World Cup final venue in the centre of town. Being a sports-nut a visit there lived up to all expectations - we even had a private tour of 6 soccer crazies - marvellous fun and informative. The main military-based events were to be held in Buenos Aires - a city I never thought I'd visit; but what a treat. Some of the wall murals as well as the established sightseeing venues were spectacular and a must-see if you're ever on the Continent. I shall let the photos here try to fill in the gaps of my commentary - or it will become too lengthy. 19 days; all went like clockwork despite local civil disturbances which never threatened our enjoyment nor safety at any time! The only delay was our flight connection at Amsterdam; thanks to a strike by French air-traffic control officers! LONDON - PARIS - SANTIAGO - SANTA CRUZ - MONTEVIDEO - PUNTE DEL ESTE - COLONIA - BUENOS AIRES - BELEM - SAN MIGUEL - AMSTERDAM - LONDON

Off to the Canary Islands

31 December 2020

This was to be a classic "stop & flop" holiday after a very busy summer in the UK. We travelled with our best friends and stayed at the gorgeous Barcelo Thalasso Spa resort in Caleta de Fuste - about 15 mins from the airport but far away enough not to be disturbed at any time (day or night) during our stay. We had a sea view room at the hotel - with adjacent rooms which made it easy enough to organise our days and have meals together! We had walks every day and leisurely days by the pool each afternoon. We had huge, well stocked for snacks & drinks & comfortable beach within 300 yards of our back gate of the resort. Plenty of shops, restaurants, bars & parks for walks and relaxation away from the resort - with plenty of opportunities to meet the locals too. A great trip for 10 days - and we look forward to another visit to a different Canary ISland - perhaps Lanzarote next time? Weather all day and evening was just what one wanted - totally safe and a totally chilled time away!


31 December 2020

My son & D-I-L were living in Mount Pleasant, S.C., [close to Charleston], USA at the time this photo was taken; when Jacque and I made this trip across to see them. We left from our local airport - LGW - and travelled with Norwegian. We decided to treat ourselves to Executive Class - which is comparable to Premium Economy on other transatlantic airlines. We made use of the lounge prior to departure and enjoyed the privilege to board the plane first and have the generous cabin & checked baggage allowances to get not only our clothes but all the goodies for our hosts (+ dog!) After an overnight stay at the comfortable/convenient Hilton @Bos Airport hotel; we flew with JetBlue to Charleston where the family met us. The BOS Hilton is great as there is a walking connector which means the cold outside (-2C) doesn't affect your desire to make the 10 minute walk - which after a T/ATL flight isn't a bad thing! BOS is also our preferred international arrival airport as it's so easy to use and transit - on arrival from the UK and connecting to fly home! Without going into all the details - we had a great 10 days in SC, visiting the beach on numerous occasions, played some golf, made visits to Historical Charleston as well as the local dining 5 star places and shopping areas; including the "outside/inside" shopping mall in the main square! The local ice hockey team was in town - so we went and cheered on the locals against their nemesis team in their league. They won 5-3; having sorted out the opposition hard man who was sent from the ice for an early shower! We had a great time and it was sad (as always) to leave them all behind - but with a promise to visit again soon. It's tough being so far away - but they're happy and successful in their respective careers. They also try to get over to us as much as their jobs will allow!

Seeing the heights of HK

31 October 2018

My wife and I were celebrating a joint "0" birthday and went to Hong Kong where Jacque had never been before. Yes, it's busy - yes, it's crowded but for a 3-4 day stay it’s fine, a cultural eye-opener with plenty to see and do. We were based on HK Island (North Point) which was fine and easily accessible to the HK multi access railway (MTR or Metro) at Quarry Bay and were able to get to/from HK and Kowloon/New Territories. We travelled on the Red Bus tours (all three of them) to give us the best chance of seeing the area while we were there. We also went on a guided tour of HK Island; Star ferry rides to/from HKI and Kowloon; and evening dinner cruise; Victoria Point, you name it we did it! A thoroughly enjoyable trip with stopovers in Dubai both ways - with very enjoyable plane rides with Emirates - it was so easy with good baggage allowances. I'd heartily recommend HK for the experience and of course the shopping - when you know where to look & barter! Thank you, HK, for a great trip and birthday experience.

Definitely Dubai

31 October 2018

As the other part of our trip to HK and Dubai - we stayed at Dubai Marina - but we're spoiled with High Tea and the Burj al Arab - which is just exquisite and OTT at the same time! Photos could do a better job than words - except to say there is always something new when you visit Dubai - this would have been our "double-digit" visit - especially with family living and working here - Dubai and the UAE never disappoints and always enjoyable.

My customer stories

Sent by Keith Cook

Graham Irwin at Travel Counsellor's has been absolutely brilliant for the travel needs of Warwickshire County Cricket Club this year. He has stepped to be the source of all knowledge in a crazy Covid world when travel almost seemed impossible at times. His experience of ever changing travel arrangements has been extraordinary. His ability to come up with a workable travel plan for some extremely complex situations has kept me going at some tough times. I can't recommend Graham highly enough. Keith Cook (Cricket Operations Manager) Warwickshire County Cricket Club, Birmingham, UK.

Sent by Colin Bowley

I am continuously seeking support from Graham to facilitate the movements of our employees to and from the UK on behalf of Sussex County Cricket Club. The service and knowledge he supplies allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my job, knowing that all travel issues are in safe hands. During the worldwide pandemic - and thanks to his knowledge and keeping up with travel trends, country lockdowns and entry restrictions, Graham was able to secure bookings from South Africa, Australia, UAE and Afghanistan - sometimes via the most obscure routings to ensure our overseas contracted players were able to enter the country - with minimum fuss and bother. So, thanks again to him for all he's done - and continues to do. Colin

Sent by Stiaan van Zyl

I wanted to leave some comments about my Travel Counsellor, Graham, for handling my recent travel arrangements from South Africa (ZA). Recently ZA was placed on the UK’s list of “red countries” due to an increase of Covid 19 infections which meant much stricter travel requirements to enter the UK. Being a ZA passport holder & resident, this meant my business trip to UK needed to be sorted by a UK-based travel expert who knew the latest information and formulate a plan to get me into the UK. Graham certainly delivered on my expectations in every way - despite covid-19 decimating the travel industry and what was possible vs. not possible! There were very few options whereby I could travel to (somewhere) to spend up to a minimum of 10 days away from ZA before being allowed into the UK and complete self-isolation once there. Happily, I was able to go to the Maldives before entering the UK to self-isolate for 10 days and then be able to work in the UK for the summer. Graham was able to organise all my flights, hotel/resort accommodation, speedboat transfers from the airport to the island where I was staying. In addition to supplying me information for the current travel permits & Covid 19 test kits I needed to order before arriving in Britain. I have now arrived in the UK and started my self-isolation but wanted to commend Graham on his excellent knowledge, focus and attention to detail while organising everything from start to finish without ANY hassle. So, many thanks, Graham for making my travel worry free and getting me here on time to start my work for the summer. Brilliant service: before, especially during and after arriving into England.

Sent by Ian / Amy Cockbain

When we contacted GI – we were very keen to get to Australia despite the current travel restrictions due to COVID I accepted a seasonal job offer in VA while Amy [as an Australian national] would visit friends & family in QA & SA following the birth of our son, Leo who is now 7 months. Following receipt of our travel exemptions from Australia we requested assistance to book us ASAP to ADL from where we would travel after the mandatory 14 day self-iso period. Within 48 hours, he had confirmed seats that week on Singapore Airlines with a good flight connection! We were thrilled & relieved, tickets were issued straight away, travel documents sent over & all looked good. 24 hours prior to departure from LHR (18/11/20) at about 9.30pm, GI called us to advise that the SA border had been closed, so flights to ADL had been cancelled with immediate effect. Before calling us, he had been talking with Singapore Airlines head office to arrange alternative flights [to Brisbane] with an unavoidable 16-hour stay in Singapore. Given Amy’s family live in Brisbane, this was a perfect alternative. Not only were our seats re-booked, Amy’s special meal re-booked, so was the bassinette seats for Leo & an overnight hotel for us in Singapore while we waited there for the flight to Brisbane. We are very grateful for GI’s hard work, dedication to solving our “plight” - all we had to do was turn up and take off! He also knew all the latest legal travel requirements which at the time was very confusing. We normally book “our own thing” but we’re very happy for GI to help us in future which was just as well on this occasion as I think we would have struggled to get seats and be on our way – and with Leo about to meet the Australian side of the family, it’s been a very emotional rollercoaster. Best from Ian, Amy & Leo

Sent by Harry Clark

I wanted to leave a positive endorsement for Graham our Travel Counsellor on a recent booking (now deferred). In July I contacted him for a package to Barbados in November returning a couple of weeks before Christmas. Given his overall knowledge & world-wide travel experience – but particularly this year given Covid-19 impacting all corners of the globe, I didn’t want the nightmare other “DIY” bookers were having trying to get refunds from suppliers, particularly airlines. I was quite happy to leave anything like that with Graham and his contacts in the industry! Within 24 hours and with 3 hotel recommendations & costings at various locations with associated activities at each, plus flights, we went ahead, booked & paid by the deadline of a couple months before departure. Everything was booked, including VIP meet & assistance on arrival at Barbados. Then the UK (with c-19 infections on the rise) became an area of concern for the Barbados government which imposed enhanced arrival requirements and insisted we now quarantine for a minimum of 5 days after arrival which then made the holiday less desirable. Graham meanwhile, had been “babysitting” the booking and keeping us up to date with entry requirements and so on – even offered us a chance to rebook elsewhere AND win back our holiday costs with an incentive Travel Counsellors was promoting! but we decided on a full refund as the destination was becoming more difficult to enter and didn’t want to make a “flash” decision. After passing on our decision to Graham – he respected it and advised us he’d get a refund ASAP but with an average waiting time of 2 -3 months. The money was back in our account *within 7 working days* what a result! The manner & demeanour Graham afforded us was totally professional; we would not hesitate to book with Graham again & recommend him to all 10/10!

Sent by Matthew French

Spring 2020 was turning into summer and the chances of getting any work as a cricket umpire in England was becoming more unlikely, so I decided to look further afield for some opportunities. I considered Guernsey, as its Premier league had started its season at the beginning of June but local authorities had closed their borders to the outside world (including mainland UK). But Jersey was beginning to open and I managed to secure appointments there. The next hurdle was getting accommodation to suit my match locations and flights from my local airport at Gatwick on a tight schedule I had to keep with work commitments immediately before and after the proposed weekend away. I must give full credit to Graham for not only doing his research on hotels and flights and easily meeting my budget but also ensuring that all the necessary paperwork that was required when travelling during this Coronavirus pandemic were completed correctly. He also put my mind at ease with what to expect with entry and exit formalities to/from Jersey and mainland UK. The trip was as easy and uncomplicated as Graham said it would be and with fewer people travelling anyway, it was pleasant to have the plane almost to myself and once I got used to wearing it, the face mask wasn’t that much of a big deal. His recommendation and choice of hotel was spot-on, perfect for my quick visit and proximity to the match venues. It also supplied me a packed lunch for both days which was handy as all the players and match officials had to bring their lunch & teas. On arrival at the hotel from the Gatwick flight their restaurant was closed but they offered me an evening meal of cold-meat salad! Fantastic service! The trip was an overall success thanks to Graham and I’ve promised to book with him my long-awaited trip to Australia as soon as this Covid-19 health emergency is over.

Sent by Jaine Peacock

December, 2019, South America visit, 30-odd of us, to Chile, Argentina & Uruguay was awesome. Problems in Chile meant we couldn't adhere to our itinerary BUT alternative experiences were arranged by Graham while we were there. For example because of huge demonstrations in Santiago we weren't able to visit Valparaiso or Concepcion so we had a trip into the Andes (Santa Cruz) - just amazing! - our safety was at all times Graham's main concern, and he kept us informed at all times of the dangers as well as coming up with options. It was the trip of a lifetime! ??, Thanks GI

Sent by Charlotte Liddle

What a great experience using Graham for our family holiday this year. Having given us several options, in terms of location, flight and hotels and budgets (there were several back and forths) Graham patiently helped us to decide on our destination, Abu Dhabi. The process was seamless from him booking our seats, and thoughtfully considering our two year old to sending us everything electronically and hard copies. The real proof of his expertise was the hotel recommendation (Al Raha Beach Hotel); it was perfect for what we needed as a family. A great kids area, superb food and facilities, enough nearby and a lovely room. We had a lovely family holiday and no stress which was a result of Graham’s expertise. We will definitely be using his services for all our travel needs!

Sent by Sarah Dzwonnik

We have just arrived at our hotel which TC Graham Irwin has booked for us but have been so impressed from departing Gatwick to the arrival at Krakow airport - we have been blown away by the treatment of staff and flight crew as we have taken our 16-week-old daughter to Krakow, Poland. We were delighted how good Summer was and how well Gatwick and Krakow airport staff were when you have children as they fast track you through different lines and jumped the queues at passport control as well as the EasyJet staff were so good, think that’s down to Graham too. The hotel and location in Krakow as well as the facilities for us and the baby were spot on and I would highly recommend Graham to book your next trip with his expert knowledge and planning of any trip I'm sure......I wouldn’t consider going elsewhere. Thank you, Graham, much appreciated

Sent by Anna / Duncan Spencer

It was an amazing trip and everything went brilliantly. One of, if not the best country we've visited. Our driver, Lasantha, was fantastic and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Will definitely recommend using you and thank you for all your help!

Sent by Kerrie Carlyon

When looking to make travel arrangements from Jersey to Malaysia recently, friends recommended we consider using Graham Irwin Travel Counsellor, what's a Travel Counsellor we thought? We have always made our own travel arrangements but with us both being extremely busy at work we contacting Graham to engage his help. Well it couldn't have been any easier! We simply told Graham the dates we wanted to travel and where we wanted to stay and off he went. Living in Jersey means we firstly need to get off the island usually into Gatwick, transfer to Heathrow with a second flight to our destination, so time consuming to say the least. Graham took care of everything for us, confirming everything in a simple itinerary, all transfers were arranged and even arranged entry for us to the airline business class lounge at KL airport, a really lovely gesture on Graham's part. We didn't have to think about a thing, he even checked us on line confirming our seat allocations for all the flights (4). He has a really useful app (MyTC) that stores all your information in one place and is contactable at anytime, nothing is to much trouble. He also supplied us with guidance on where to find out about immunisations needed and to clarify whether there was any requirement for a visa to enter the country! I would not hesitate to use Graham again as he makes life so much easier, leaving you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about the arrangements.

Sent by Ward & Liz Jenner

With a slightly more complicated than usual itinerary to cover for our recent trip to Thailand and Malaysia (with differing ports of entry and exit) we decided not to undertake our own online travel arrangements, and to use an expert instead! How pleased we were, from start to finish with the level of customer care, attention to detail, and sheer cost effectiveness in using Graham Irwin and Travel Counsellors. With domestic flights from Jersey to Gatwick (and the potential weather problems this can involve), transfers from Gatwick to Heathrow, flights to Bangkok and return from Kuala Lumpur, as well as 2 internal flights from Bangkok to Phuket, and Phuket to KL - there were a number of potential problems that could arise. There were also transfers from KL airport to the centre of the city, and the need for specific hotel accommodation - all of which were expertly handled and hassle free thanks to the effervescent, professional and reliable (not to mention, always good-natured) Graham Irwin. Add to this the very pleasant surprise when the all-in cost was divulged. A huge thanks to Graham for all his assistance - we will certainly be using his services for all future travel, and we were extremely happy to recommend him to a good number of equally satisfied fellow-travellers. Thank you GI. Also, the use of the lounge for our return at KL was appreciated. We also managed a Business Class upgrade on the BA Dreamliner return which was rather special- though I don't think you can claim credit for that one!

Sent by Clement Chatelain

Graham's offers of help and prices was good and want to thank him because he did an amazing work for me! I would like to tell you that I am very pleased with his work and services! I hope everything is successful for him and happy to will give him more confidence about my loyalty!

Sent by Andrew Macfarlane

Graham has booked a couple of long-haul trips now and he always responds quickly to emails and seeks out the best deals. He wants to ensure that all aspects of the holiday are covered to my satisfaction. He is available even when on holiday to help sort out any matters arising. Great and reliable service as always - thanks!

Sent by Lewis Hatchett

Outstanding service alert! My recent traveling was made so easy by Graham. He organised all my travel needs. He was there on the end of the phone when I needed to make changes, before and while I was travelling, doing so with speed and efficiency. I barely had to think once about my flights, just turn up and it was all done. Allowing me to fully enjoy my trip. Without me asking, he even thought to get me aisle seats for my long legs! Cannot recommend him highly enough if you are looking to go abroad!

Sent by Clement Chatelain

I should like to point out that I had a very good service by my travel counsellor, Graham. Very efficient, very helpful, perfectly professional! He always finds the way to give you the best help he can. He always finds solutions when we have problem or answer when we are worried about! Thanks Graham for your kind assistance and great support through the process of the bookings.

Sent by Andy Macfarlane

Many thanks for helping me plan my trip to the States. Your up-to-date and extensive knowledge ensured that all the bases were covered and the trip planning ran smoothly - I'm really looking forward to the golf in Florida and the NYC visit - your tips while in the 5 boroughs was particularly helpful. Your personal approach is so refreshing, it gives me confidence in comparison to the internet which is a bit "hit and hope" and the MyTC app is handy too! Once again many thanks I will be using you again very soon !

Sent by Alison Daisley

I just wanted to thank you so much for planning our holiday of a lifetime. We have realised that we could never have sorted this out on our own with our distinct lack of knowledge. We would also like to say that this myTC app is so easy to navigate and has given us peace of mind to be able to safely transfer the first instalment to you. Will definitely be using your services again. Catch up soon Ali and Rob

Sent by Kevin Whiting

We really enjoyed Lisbon! Weather was very good and the food was excellent. Lots to see - we took the train to Sintra, the tram to Belem and had a Tuk-tuk tour up to the castle. The hotel was very well positioned, close to the City Centre with a short walk to the riverfront. The only slight downside was the size of our room, but it was a city centre hotel so to be expected. Thanks for organising everything. We would go back in the future but probably need to go to Porto first. Kind regards, Kevin & Carole

Sent by Charles Ekstrom

Hi Graham, I just wanted to thank you for your extremely efficient and professional service in arranging flights for my son Mika to play cricket in the UK during the summer season there. Not only did you find the most suitable flights for us but you provided a wealth of information about his airline of choice (Emirates to Gatwick), visa/passport information for the UK and an overview of his final destination town of Horsham too. We are very happy to recommend you to anyone needing friendly, efficient and above all personal service in your business. All the best, Charles

Sent by Neil & Denise Bowsher

Hi Graham, Of course you were highly recommended, but your input helped us id what was available to Florida / Grand Cayman and as you are not just a website it's so much more personal and helpful. Thanks for your efforts and we will of course be recommending you to our friends. Regards, Neil