Don't let a mishap affect your holiday

Ian Gifford on 16 November 2017

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This case study really is in two parts. Firstly, we want to give you a flavour of another amazing bespoke trip that we arranged for a group of friends around South America. The second part of this story shows how working with us and the Travel Counsellors' team prevented an unfortunate event from ruining their trip.

A group of friends asked us to organise a 28 day trip to South America taking in some of the most amazing sites and experiences of the area. Some of the highlights of this amazing holiday included: a trip to the best ranches in Mar de las Pampas an Argentine tango dance exhibition a cruise around the glaciers of Cape Horn a night in EcoCamp in the National Park of Patagonia (voted one of the best hotels in the world) a sightseeing trip around Santiago in Chile an adventure across the Atacama Desert a visit to the salt flats in Bolivia a cultural extravaganza in La Paz… And that's just mentioning eight of the exciting events!

All in all, we actually arranged and booked 37 different events and eight flights and created a truly amazing holiday for this group.

Unfortunately, there was one mishap during their trip. Whilst they were waiting for a train in Buenos Aires, a rucksack belonging to one of the couples was stolen. They contacted Travel Counsellors' local ground support partners, who assisted the couple as they reported the theft to the police and sorted out all the insurance coverage. The main item of value lost in the theft was a camera and, whilst this was covered by the insurance, the camera was full of photos that they had taken the day before in Buenos Aires.

So we then re-evaluated their schedule and managed to rearrange their final day so that it could include a bespoke taxi journey. This trip was specifically tailored to take the couple back around those tourist sites that they had originally visited so they could retake all of the lost photos before catching their flight home.

Who else would've gone to so much trouble to help recreate all of the memories of their holiday of a lifetime?

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