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Ian Gifford on 12 December 2018

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Another success story features a family of four, who were flying to the UK from New Zealand. For starters, we had already saved them $5,000 on the cost of the flights and had also booked them a lovely apartment in London - perfect for seeing the capital's sites.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the London accommodation provider had had to switch the apartment location at the last minute. In fact, this happened whilst the family were in the air and on their way!

Knowing that the family didn't know London at all and were arriving at 9pm at night on a cold winter's day after a 32 hour journey, we got straight into our car and drove 80 miles to Heathrow to meet them straight off the plane.

We greeted the sleep-deprived family and arranged for an executive taxi to transport them in style to their new apartment in Central London. As we anticipated the family may have been tired from their journey, we had also provided a welcome basket of groceries and the basics of wine, milk, and bread etc.

Doreen was clearly worried about taking three small children across a strange capital city late at night on public transport. So, they were absolutely delighted to see us at Arrivals and so impressed with our personal care and their extremely warm welcome to their first visit to England.

"We've holidayed many times before", says Doreen, "using the larger tour companies and we can categorically assure you that they would never have sent someone to meet us at nine pm on a Friday night whatever misshape had occurred. This was a classic example of the care that Ian and Barbara clearly take of all of their clients and we look forward to booking more trips with them again in the near future."

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