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Ian Gifford on 08 June 2020

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For many of our clients, we have unintentionally become their own internal corporate Travel Management division.

For example, over the last three years, we have been arranging monthly business trips for ten members of the senior team at an Oxfordshire-based engineering firm. They have been growing rapidly and have now expanded their operation across Europe, USA, Asia, and more recently South Africa.

So, whether they need a day trip to Valencia, three days visiting their German distributors in Dusseldorf, Munich and Hamburg, a two weeks installation project in Hong Kong or multiple site visits across the East coast of America starting from Denver, Colorado and travelling down to Miami, Florida, we are their first port of call!

Whether it is day or night, weekday or weekend, we are on speed dial for all your business travel!

This actually makes great business sense for these engineers. It's not just about the ease of organisation and the huge time saving that entrusting us with their business travel brings them. They also appreciate the many thousands of pounds that we have saved their company by finding the most cost-effective routes and the best value airlines that coincide with their business appointments.

Finally, as you have seen from our other case studies, we are experts in coping with the unexpected. Should anything untoward happen or your plans change at the last minute, you have the confidence to know that we are always on hand to find you the best solution.

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