You've done it again

Ian Gifford on 01 May 2019

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Busy entrepreneurs, Lorna and Bryan, both run their own successful businesses and cope with the daily stresses that most directors endure. They both work really hard but also understand the need for a work/life balance and so, whenever possible, they like to play hard too.

In 2018, they really fancied a weekend break in Berlin and invited another couple to join them. They asked us to find them a great hotel, some entertainment and all the necessary transfers etc. This is bread and butter to us and so after discussing whether they wanted some night life with dinner and dancing, or some theatre, museums and culture, or a city tour with a river cruise on the Spree or Havel or even tickets to see Bryan Ferry, who was playing at the Tempodrom, we created an itinerary of fun activities for them to choose.

Our preparatory discussions proved fruitful as they choose almost the exact itinerary that we had suggested and so we made the bookings on their behalf.

On their return to the UK, they told us that they had had a fantastic time and were really grateful for our help. Well, they say the proof is in the pudding and sure enough the following year, they wanted to plan a similar weekend with their same friends.

Whether it was the Game Of Thrones "King's Landing" effect, which definitely has made an already desirable destination even more popular, they chose three days in Croatia's fabulous Dubrovnik and, once again, instructed us to create a fabulous trip for them.

After arriving and settling into their hotel, they met downstairs in the bar, which, by the way, is an amazing converted cave hewn directly into the rock of Dubrovnik. After ordering a cocktail or two, they sent us the following text:

"Hiya Mate, You've Done It Again!"

The following afternoon, they sent us an additional text:

"Wow, fantastic hotel, even better breakfast. You've even topped last year so have a fantastic weekend and get yourself a beer!"

Bryan then added: "So, where are we going next year?!"

(And if you keep reading our blogs, we'll tell you where we sent them next...)

Obviously, we were thrilled that they are having another great time and, actually, it is this great feedback that gets us out of bed on cold, dark and wet Wednesdays and why we love what we do for a living. However, there is a serious point here.

Lorna and Bryan work extremely hard and often have to work long hours and cope with their team's personnel issues on top of the daily grind of corporate life. By having set holidays and fancy trips planned and booked in advance they are helping themselves to keep a healthy work/life balance. This is proven to lead to improved performance at work, helps minimise stress and also reinforces the tight bond between partners with often hectic lives.

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