Outstanding Oman

Ian Hughes on 08 June 2018

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The UAE have long been a growing market in the travel industry. Dubai is the headline maker and Abu Dhabi isn’t far behind, with their imposing and decadent hotels, man-made beaches and super-fast developments. However, their neighbour Oman can offer a very different and amazingly beautiful side to the Emirate States.

The variation Oman can offer is its true unique selling point, with huge contrasts throughout the country especially in comparison to the other Emirates which, while stunning in their own way, cannot offer some of the natural beauty found in Oman.

The first place to visit is undoubtedly the historic capital, Muscat. It is very different in style to other Emirate cities, whose striking skyscrapers dominate the landscape, Muscat instead offers a return to tradition and understated elegance. Thankfully, the government have strict building laws in place to ensure everything meets a certain criterion, so the city won’t be losing its historic charm anytime soon! The Chedi Muscat offers a romantic and stylish beachfront sanctuary for your stay but there are plenty of other hotels to suit your requirements.

Desert adventures are also a big attraction, with several desert camps available to stay in. Here you can sample camel treks and stargaze at the unobscured galaxies above or indulge in more high-octane pursuits such as 4x4 adventures or kite surfing. Whether it is the high-octane activities or the more relaxed form of tourism, it would be a shame not to experience a couple of nights in the desert while you have the opportunity. It is something that will be an everlasting memory I promise, as you cannot convey how strangely peaceful it feels to be so isolated. It’s a fantastic reminder of how big this world truly is!

Not a fan of the desert life? Then head to Salalah, the lush green capital of the Southern province, awash with fruit plantations and the aroma of frankincense that has been produced there for centuries. It is also a fantastic centre for wildlife, from oryx to humpback and blue whales, it is a far cry from the arid sands further north and a complete contrast to what you would have experienced elsewhere in the Emirates. This kind of natural beauty simply cannot be replicated so you feel a world away from your desert camp or the decadence of Dubai.

Obviously, you could visit these destinations individually and Muscat is a fantastic option for a more indulgent city break. However, I would recommend an itinerary that takes in all these options together. I am sure that the variation and beauty will astound you, so make your next trip to the UAE a special one with a visit to the astounding Emirate of Oman.

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