Immerse yourself in the impressive Norwegian coastline

Hurtigruten’s 12-day classic Coastal Express itinerary is the ultimate way to see the Norwegian coast, taking you from cosmopolitan Bergen in the south to the edge of Europe at the North Cape and Kirkenes, then back again, covering much more of Norway than other cruise lines and visiting many smaller ports they can’t reach.

Immerse yourself in the impressive Norwegian coastline

Taking in more than 100 fjords and 1,000 mountains over 2,500 nautical miles, you will cross the Arctic Circle twice and call at 34 ports of all sizes twice - northbound and southbound. This fully immerses you in Norway’s coastline, which, spanning 102,937km, is the second longest in the world after Canada (if stretched out, it would circle the Earth two and a half times).

You’ll spend half your trip on an Arctic tour of Norway, maximising your chances of seeing the Northern Lights in winter. You will also benefit from Hurtigruten’s famous Northern Lights Promise, giving you a free six-or seven-day Coastal Express voyage the following winter season if there’s no recorded sighting of the Northern Lights on your voyage. 

Sail from October to March and you’ll be in the right place, at the perfect time of year to enjoy the sight of crisp white snow reflecting the polar twilight and quaint coastal communities glowing like fires in the darkness. Alternatively, pick summer for your Norwegian coastal cruise and you’ll bathe in 24 hours of daylight under the Midnight Sun. In July and August, the days feel endless north of the Arctic Circle thanks to the perpetual daylight along the entire Norwegian coastline.

Whenever you choose to go, you can choose from a fantastic array of hikes and seasonal excursions, including a boat trip to Saltstraumen, the world’s most powerful maelstrom, and a visit to Tromsø, ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, and home to Polaria with its displays on environmental research in the Arctic.

At the top of Europe, at the entrance of Kjøllefjord village, the building-like rock formation Finnkirka is an ancient sacrificial site once used by the indigenous Sámis. Stretching across the Arctic Circle from Rørvik to Ørnes, the Helgeland coast is one of the most popular parts of a Hurtigruten voyage in summer or winter thanks to its 6,500 spectacular UNESCO-listed Vega islands, islets, and skerries, which are best seen from the observation deck.

Your experience will be heightened by fascinating onboard lectures and presentations on Norway's history, biology, geography, geology, and culture, and there are also sessions on photography, including camera adjustment and tips and tricks to help you capture the scenery in the most beautiful way.

Meanwhile, Hurtigruten’s Coastal Kitchen concept is based around using the finest homegrown produce from the ports it visits, and the cruise line is proud to support 50 local farms, bakeries, and producers. Think juicy cod from Vesterålen, award-winning cheeses from Lofoten, and craft beer from Bergen.

On the classic Coastal Express route, dining options include à la carte Kysten with a menu making good use of seaweed and kelp as well as serving local butter and wild herbs, plus award-winning cheeses. Meanwhile, onboard bistro Brygga (‘Wharf’) serves quick and tasty dishes, including a signature shrimp sandwich with eggs. Finally, don’t miss Multe (‘Cloudberry’) a cosy bakery serving smørbrød (open sandwiches), freshly baked pastries, waffles, and ice cream direct from Lofoten – a must-try is the brunost (brown cheese) flavour.

To book your Hurtigruten 12-day classic Coastal Express, call your Travel Counsellor today.

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