Family holiday to Tenerife

Jade Hawkins on 15 June 2017
Family holidays can be an amazing experience, but can be difficult to organise. Finding somewhere which is hot enough for the parents but not to hot that the children can't enjoy it can be hard. As a family we took our first visit to Tenerife this May, with temperatures of about 23/24 degrees daily it was perfect, there was also a lovely breeze most of the time so Skye didn't get to hot.

We wondered what we would do with our trip, the answer was that we would have plenty to do, besides the obvious of relaxing around the pool or on the beach, whichever takes your preference you can happily spend your days exploring the island. Car Hire is a very affordable option in Tenerife with it costing us less than £10 a day to hire a small car. This allowed us to explore at our own pace and head to the attractions we wanted to see without relying on public transport.

We visited the Jungle Park which was brilliant for Skye she was able to look and see all the animals whilst babbling away to herself, we were more than happy to have a nice steady wander round the park and see which animals were up and awake. I think a half day was more than enough there. The other animal park on the island is Loro Parque, we didn't visit as it is in the north of the island and we only had 7 days anyway. However from previous clients who have travelled to Tenerife they have definitely enjoyed their day there.

We also had to choose which of the two water parks to visit, in the end we visited Aqualand, mainly because one of the locals told us this would be more baby friendly. We had a lovely day and there was plenty of splash pools for young children, maybe those slightly older and more stable on there feet than Skye. A word of warning if you are wanting to take young children all of the pools are salt water.

We also went right to the top of Mount Teide and the views really are spectacular and probably even more so as the evening starts to draw in. I would definitely recommend it but remember as you go up to stop before the summit otherwise it is hard to work out where is the best place to pull up to view the scenery.

Would we go back to Tenerife? Absolutely - it was an ideal place for some short haul sun! We could sit back and enjoy as there was no time difference at all, which meant no jetlag or shifting sleep patterns for children.

If you'd like to soak up the sun in Tenerife, give me a call to discuss your next holiday!