Happiest Place on Earth

Jade Hawkins on 16 June 2015
Hi All,

I have been to Florida, specifically Orlando 13 times, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite tips for your family holiday to Orlando.

1) Always buy your tickets before you go, the on the door price for a 1 day Disney ticket is now $97 in comparison to a 14 day Ultimate ticket in the UK which can be bought for around £300 per person. Not only this with the 14 day ticket you can jump from park to park on the same day if you wish.

2) Peak seasons (Christmas, Easter and October) mean long queues. To try and help yourself avoid this why not arrive as or just before the park opens, take a break during the middle of the day whilst it is hottest and head back in the evening for the shows and any rides you may have missed.

3) If you are travelling with children think about taking some glowsticks as all the children will have them at the night time parades, and if they don't I'm sure they will want them!

4) Pre-plan some of the more popular attractions. If you know what day you want to go to the parks why not use the my Disney Experience planner to plan in some of your favourite attractions, this is the same as the old fast pass system, but is something you can do before you even arrive.

5) Travelling with children? First time to Walt Disney World. A character breakfast is a must. You can pick from the originals, to the princesses or Winnie the Pooh Characters. It is a great way to meet a group of characters without a long queue in the sun! They are available at all of the parks and some of the resorts too so there are lots to choose from.

6) If you are travelling with a buggy, attach something that will make it instantly recognizable to you when you come out of an attraction, trust me there will be a lot of buggy's in the park, something bright will help draw your attention to it amongst all the other parents trying to find theirs.

7) Make sure you take a photo or copy of all your park tickets before you travel just incase they get lost. Then you have a copy with you so hopefully guest services will sort it out.

8) Pick up a park map of each of the parks you visit. Keep it safe and bring it home, when you get back you can make an amazing scrap book, and include all of the maps to remind you of your favourite attractions.

9) Walt Disney World is amazing, but there is also a lot more to Orlando and Florida than just that so if you want a day trip why not visit the Kennedy Space Centre or even head to a beach. You have also got the Universal and Sea World parks to explore too, if you can find the time.

10) And finally remember it is a holiday so make sure to relax whether that be a day by the pool or afternoon on one of the fabulous lazy rivers.