Ahoy There First Time Cruisers!

Jay Hollingsworth on 04 June 2019

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If you’re thinking about embarking on your first cruise there’s a lot to consider and it can be quite complex, so here’s my top four tips that you need to get right….


It may sound a simple thing to do as most itineraries have multiple cruise lines sailing them, but with such a wide choice of ships available, finding the right cruise line is essential. If you want to chill out and relax you don’t want a ship that is geared towards kids and partying. I suggest you draw up a list of what’s important to you and find a cruise line that matches your requirements – there’s a ship out there to suit everyone!

Are you a culture vulture or a chill-out and relax kind of person? These are questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about the type of itinerary you want. Most Mediterranean itineraries are ‘port intensive’ which, as the name suggests means there are very few days at sea and plenty of ports of call, so you get to visit many different cities in the one cruise. Transatlantic and some Caribbean itineraries are the opposite where you have more days at sea and less ports of call – perfect if you want to just relax and enjoy the facilities of the ship.


Cruising is something you don’t want to book yourself, it’s very complex. Many experts have been on various ships themselves and have undergone in-depth training with each cruise line – so they know what they’re talking about! Talk through your checklist with an expert to help choose the right cruise line for you. Be sure to talk about cabins as there are many different types to find the right one for your needs and budget. Also talk through the cruise fare as different cruise lines include/exclude different things – this way you can understand what you are getting for the money you are paying.


Working out what the full cost of your cruise holiday will be beneficial when it comes to deciding which cruise line offers the best value for money. Look for things like are transfers to / from the ship included? Are drinks included? Do you have to pay extra to go to the speciality restaurants? Are any excursions included? Take all of these into account when picking which cruise line to sail with to get a true cost of your holiday.


If you’re prone to seasickness, then it’s best to pick a cabin in the middle of the ship (known as midship) as you tend not to feel any movement in this area. It’s also important to look at the location on the ship that you cabin will be. Check out the ship plan and look to see what is above or below your chosen cabin. Look out for nightclubs, restaurants or bars near your cabin as this could mean you end up with a restless night’s sleep!

Whether you want to embark on a family adventure with enriching shore excursions, feast in gourmet restaurants, relax watching concerts under the stars or be entertained by spectacular stage shows, there’s a perfect cruise for everyone. And the best bit is how you get there. With over 10 years’ experience building incredible cruise holidays for hundreds of delighted customers, I will find something special just for you. Call me today on 02838 220025.

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