The New Celebrity Edge - Accessibility Report

Jay Hollingsworth on 13 June 2019

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Celebrity Cruises had the European premier of their latest ship Celebrity Edge on the 13th May 2019. Here's our onboard review of the wheelchair accessibility of the ship...


The wow factor of this ship started at boarding as Celebrity have a facial recognition embarkation service. Before boarding you download the Celebrity App and complete your passport details etc and upload your photograph ready for facial recognition. When you walk into the embarkation area there are screen picking up your facial details and checking you in. You literally then proceed through to the ship and to your stateroom where you will find your Seapass cards outside your room ready for you to get into your room and start your holiday making the whole check-in process simple and hassle-free. It should also be noted that there was plenty of staff readily available to help should you need it.


Accessible staterooms come in different categories, and we were fortunate to experience a Concierge Class Stateroom with an infinite balcony. The main entrance door to the stateroom had automatic opening both to enter and leave the room. The room was extremely spacious and very easy to manoeuvre around in. The bathroom was completed to a very high standard with plenty of grab rails throughout, wall mounted shower chair and wheelchair accessible wash basin.

The infinite balcony is a great design that is actually part of the room as the doors to the balcony slide back and the balcony window drops down by remote control effectively making the room and balcony area one open space. The balcony window, lighting and blinds are all remote control, operated either by a panel on the wall or via the Celebrity app. The area on the balcony is flat making accessing it very easy.

Deck Areas

On most cruise ships there is usually a deck that wheelchair users cannot access – usually the very top deck for either private sunbathing or sports areas. There never seems to be a lift to take you up to these areas. This is not the case on Celebrity Edge. Due to the design of the running track having a hill incorporated into, you could use this to access the top deck area. I must point out though that the ‘hill’ is incorporated to challenge the runners/walkers so you may require help to push up this. All decks have the capability of a wheelchair user accessing them, either by ramps or lifts.

One of the unique features onboard Edge is the Magic Carpet. Reaching 13 stories above sea level, the extraordinary Magic Carpet is the highlight of Celebrity Edge’s starboard side. This spectacular space opens to several decks of the ship, transforming to a new venue depending on where it is positioned. It also used for embarking/disembarking and is fully accessible!


Generally, access to the pool areas onboard Celebrity Edge is good. Access to the main pool area is available via a lift and there is also a lift into the indoor solarium pool area. Unfortunately, there is no access to the two Jacuzzi’s on the upper most deck, but there is access to the jacuzzi in the solarium.

Entertainment Areas

Throughout the ship there is excellent access to all entertainment areas. Eden is an entertainment and restaurant area positioned at the aft of the ship and has a huge sweeping ramp that leads to a spacious area to take in the great views. The main theatre is split over two floors and each entrance has seating areas at the back for wheelchair users.

Dining Areas

The dining facilities onboard are excellent, with all restaurants fully accessible including the buffet areas where assistance is available to help you go around and choose your own food.


Would I recommend Celebrity Edge for an accessible cruise? In one word – yes! It really does offer a fantastic cruise ship experience where wheelchair users are able to independently move around the ship and access all the areas. The staff are continually on hand to offer assistance and are genuinely interested and ready to help make your trip a relaxing experience.

If you are thinking about setting sail onboard Celebrity Edge, why not give me a call on 02838 220025 or email - I'd love to help put together the perfect, hassle-free holiday for you!

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