Imagining life after Lockdown - Create a Vision Board!

Jenny Igoe on 18 April 2020
When I started my business I began to spend more time with other business owners. I would listen and take note of the things they did that helped them to be successful. I have known about goal setting for years but it was only when I saw how my female mentors and peers put this into practice that I really began to understand its power.

You need a way to get your thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto paper, or some kind of visible way to see them, work through them, and tick them off. For some this might be best done as a list, for some a really fun way to do this is to create a Vision Board – cringe!

One woman I know told me that every year on New Years Day, she sits with her husband and sons and creates a Travel Vision Board of where they would like to visit in the coming year. They discuss where each of them wants to go, and find pictures of these places, stick them down on to a board, creating a list of destinations for the year. For example... one might be a city break, a snowboarding holiday, a break in the UK for a wedding or spa weekend, and one could be the main family summer holiday in somewhere like America or Portugal. I love this idea!

Another female that I really look up to also spends time constantly reviewing and adapting her vision board, but its not only based on travel, its her whole lifestyle. From fitness, to home interiors, to days out and relationships… I loved that she was not afraid to put these personal wishes down on paper and work on them every day.

In my first year with Travel Counsellors, I didn’t create a vision board. But I had one thing I really wanted, and it was to earn enough money consistently to be able to order my dream car. My husband works in vehicle leasing, so I knew exactly what it would cost per month, I had built the spec online many times, I knew every little gadget and feature it came with. I printed off a picture of my dream car and stuck it up at my desk. Seeing it every day motivated me, and eventually… once I achieved 6 months of consistent earnings, I ordered it.

Taking delivery of the car 3 months later… the feeling was incredible, having dreamed of it, worked for it, and achieved it! My husband does roll his eyes when I talk about this because there have been months since where the car has felt a bit extravagant… since my work can be seasonal. But he cannot deny the car has been a TREAT! So I am now a superfan of the vision board, or as I prefer to call it, a Lifestyle Wishlist.

During lockdown, more time on my hands…. I sat down and created a new one, covering everything from travel, to favourite foods and skincare and I am going to share how I made it.

First, choose your way of displaying your goals. In its simplest form this could be a list, but I think that a visual display works better, it needs to be seen every single day… as a reminder to keep working at it. For mine I reused an old cork board, but you could use a piece of cardboard, paper or even a piece of string with small pegs to hang your ideas from.

I had some magazines in the house, as well as holiday brochures from Travel Counsellors which showcase the most amazing resorts and islands… so I started with these. Flicking through and cutting out the things I liked. The Sunday magazines that come with a newspaper are my fave for recipes and style ideas.

Because its lockdown at the moment, my vision board is not for the coming year – in fact its impossible to give mine any time limit as we are in uncertain times. Who knows when we can travel again?! Let alone when we will earn enough to pay for it. But it costs nothing to dream and plan, and it gives us hope and inspiration.

I also think it’s a good time to reflect on the people in your life, and who you want to see more of in the future. Who makes you feel good, who could you make more time for, and take it one step further, who would you love to be with when you enjoy each experience on your list? If there is a restaurant that you always wanted to eat at, who would you take with you? Adding a photo of this person, or a mention of their name, brings it to life and almost makes it a plan rather than just a dream.

When you stick down a must-visit travel destination, think about how you want to get there. Has it always been a dream to fly First Class? Yes it may seem ridiculous now, but this is your ultimate wishlist! Put it down – you never know. It may take you 10 years to reach it but if its important to you – it goes on the board. Perfect pair of sunglasses to wear on said holiday? Stick em down. New fancy luggage – get it on there.

Maybe your goals are more around health… one thing that I put on mine was that it takes 66 days to form a habit. I recently took up running by starting the Couch to 5k program. On the days when I don’t feel like it, I see that reminder and it encourages me to just do it. One day closer to it becoming a part of my life, and not being so tough!

I also considered my relationship with food. Like a lot of people lockdown has become one long food fest. I have been caught eating my feelings with chocolate brownies way too many times recently. So I cut out some pictures of my favourite meal of the day (which is breakfast) and I am reminded daily now to eat a big healthy breakfast of eggs and avocado, or yoghurt and granola… so that I don’t eat again until much later in the day.

You can get the kids involved with this and they love it! Their board could be based on learning to cook, or playing an instrument. Maybe their goals could be around achieving their next swimming milestone or introducing a more positive morning routine. Things to do that are free, days out for when Lockdown is over….. I don’t think anyone can be too young to think about how they want their life to be.

Volunteering, and giving time to causes that mean a lot to you are other common goals. Fundraising for a fave charity, or random acts of kindness for loved ones can also feature on your board. Try to balance out the material things with the stuff that really makes us feel good in our hearts!

Mine is displayed on my dressing table, next to my mirror, so I see it every morning.

Now here are some pics of mine, I would love to see yours!