What can I expect from the travel/holiday experience abroad?

The next time you travel again may feel a little different to the trips you’ve made in the past, but the good news is that destinations and travel supplier partners, including airports, airlines and accommodation providers across the globe, are continuously accessing their health and safety measures to ensure that social distancing and hygiene standards are maintained throughout your journey and your stay. 

Before you travel, it’s worth checking the FCDO’s Coronavirus travel advice, and remember your Travel Counsellor will personally liaise with all of the travel suppliers involved in your booking and will advise on the measures they’re taking to protect your health, safety and wellbeing throughout your trip. 

You can travel safely through airports and on flights by following all of the advice here, which includes what to expect at the airport, check-in and security, as well as on board the aircraft. 

You’ll also notice social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures at your destination, as well as at your hotel or self-catered accommodation. Many Travel Counsellors and customers alike are reporting that enhanced safety protocols offer welcome reassurance, as well as allowing for some well-deserved relaxation on holiday.  

Your Travel Counsellor can help to ensure you have everything in place to enjoy a seamless, stress-free trip, including up-to-date passports, travel insurance, visa/permits, authorisations for prescription medicines and driving licenses if required. 

Your Travel Counsellor will advise you of any such requirements, and you can also check the latest information provided by the FCDO on entry requirements to countries here