A morning at Plitvice Lakes

Laura Jackson on 09 June 2016

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Getting to see this park was one of the main reasons for my trip to Croatia. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and an Instagram regular. As a serious waterfall sucker, I could not wait to explore as much as I could in the 4 hours or so I had. I was a little miffed when we arrived to hear that no swimming was allowed but I completely understand why now. The water is pristine and they need to keep it that way.

I stared at Entrance 1 and headed to the ‘Big waterfall’. It was getting quite busy as I weaved my way through the large groups. They have maps along the way and it is really well signposted, so no need for a guide, especially if you don’t have much time. You may notice that I like to take pictures of paths or tracks if you follow my Insta. The beautiful boardwalks there did not disappoint and I marvelled at the waterfalls and natural beauty that surrounded me. The amazing views continued as I joined the (free) ferry from P3 – P2. I hopped off and did a lap around the higher tier waterfalls.

I realized that by now I was not going to be able to reach the top station by foot with the time I had left so I investigated the free buses they run. It was a shame to cheat, so I would highly recommend spending more time here if you can. By jumping on the bus there was just about time to explore a short top loop and back down before I ran out of time. A wonderful few hours all round!

This stop at Plitvice was a stop on my travels from Budapest to Croatia. Overlanding an adventure can be a fabulous way of seeing multiple places and when you are in Europe, travel time over a day can be short, no long bus rides (like Latin America) with great off the beaten track stops. Why not ask me about flying into one country and flying out from another? This can really add a fun mix and adventure to an itinerary.

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