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Laura Jackson on 03 December 2020

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What will your Travel plans for 2021 look like? I wanted to offer you some quick fire ideas to help you get back on your travels now (fingers crossed and touch wood) we are starting to return to pre-covid time. It's a spin on the word association game, where you say a word or phase and then you say something connected in response. As an experienced traveller and agent, my mind is full of ideas, especially with all the training, product development, supplier and industry news I've been catching up on during lockdown!

Why not play this with friends, family or your travel buddy. I hope my suggestions help, maybe you will come away with a new idea for your next adventure.

Crave some independence, try a self drive in Iceland

Love nature, go to the Galapagos.

Want less stress, then book the Airport fast track/lounges to get your holiday off to the right start.

Like Boutique Hotel stays then try River Cruising.

Need a challenge of the mind, body (and soul) try a Cycling holiday.

Want Culture then travel Overland between two cities.

Want to be impressed then try a cruise to Alaska

Looking to give back then join an Organised tour.

Deserve some 'ME' time then choose a swim up room/Villa.

Love Spain, try walking some of the Camino.

Would you'd pick any of the above for 2021? Remember I am here for you when you are ready, but for now lets keep those travel dreams alive!

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