Top tips for packing

Leanne Golden on 10 December 2019

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Whether you're going on a business trip or taking a well deserved holiday, there is travel—and thus the ever-daunting task of packing—in your future.

Because every last inch of your suitcase counts, and you don't want to wrinkle your clothes, break a precious bottle of Chanel No. 5, or worst case scenario: lose your bag at the airport, it's time to streamline/safeguard your approach.

Here are a few top packing tips - thank me later

1: Roll, Don't fold clothes 2: Ladies - stack your bras 3: Cover shoes with shower caps 4: Pack 2 tops for every bottom 5: Put heaviest items closest to the wheels 6: Use dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling fresh 7: Put loose wires/cables etc. in sunglasses cases 8: Put breakables in socks 9: Use up every inch of space - underwear in shoes 10: Get a practical stand out suitcase to avoid the dreaded picking the wrong case off the conveyor belt Being a Travel Counsellor is not just about booking your trips, it's about going that little bit further to make sure those trips are as hassle and stress free as possible. Like I've said before with me all you have to do is sit back, relax and think about what to pack in your suitcase..... and now you even know how to pack it!

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