Coffee around the Globe

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 14 July 2017
I recently joined a ladies networking group in my local area, called ‘The Coffee Lounge’ and I thought what a great idea this would be for a Facebook post! I posted a generic post on by business Facebook page about The Coffee Lounge and the reach went bonkers. Everybody, it seems loves to talk about their coffee drinking experiences! So I thought this a blog right there?

There were many who commented on the Facebook post about their coffee experiences around the world, so here is a selection:


A Vietnamese filter, is coffee (optionally with chicory), and condensed milk. The coffee used generally contains chicory, otherwise it wouldn't be the stereotypical Vietnamese. This is served using a small filter that fits on top of your cup, where the hot water runs through the coffee into the cup already holding about 1/3 of an inch of condensed milk in the bottom. Some people mix the milk through the coffee or it can be left until the end.


Moroccans love a coffee with a blend of spice, black pepper and nutmeg and sesame seeds, which are mixed with coffee beans and ground, to create a fragrant and potent brew.


An espresso with sweet condensed milk. If you want a mix of half normal milk and half sweetened condensed milk, then it's a 'leche y leche'.


Espresso served with a slice of lemon. The lemon is rubbed on the rim of the cup, the idea being that the sourness of the lemon enhances the flavour of the coffee.

Australia and New Zealand

The infamous ‘Flat White’ is like a condensed latte, with one or two shots of espresso, and 180 ml of milk (a latte has over 220ml of milk).

Indonesian Islands

Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee is altogether something that you may or may not wish to try? This refers to the coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian Palm Civet, a rodent like animal.


Pharisäer is Coffee made with rum and whipped cream, it’s totally gorgeous and very moreish!

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