Keeping your property safe while you are away

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 01 July 2015
Keeping your property safe when you are away is very important, but so are your belongings.

You may have fancy CCTV and security systems at home, but have you ever considered that your car could be holding information that could put your home at risk of being burgled and damaged?

As a travel company we have come across stories where travellers have left their cars at an airport long stay car park, to find that they have been burgled while they are away.

This is horrifying to know, so please follow the tips below...

If you have a portable sat nav that sticks to your windscreen, (not applicable to inbuilt Satnav systems): A. Do not attach it to the screen, because it leaves a tell-tale ring mark on the glass, indicating to potential thieves that a sat nav may be present in the vehicle (even if it’s hidden). B. Do not have your ‘Home’ address loaded into the sat nav. Thieves don’t just steal the sat nav for the technology it is the informaton too. C. Delete the history of places visited regularly. These may be friends of yours who may be away with you? D. Keep your sat nav out of your vehicle altogether, use it when required, then remove it again after your trip.

On one occasion an airport employee saw a car being broken into in its long stay car park. They quickly attended to find that the car window was smashed but the thieves were long gone.

The staff had the foresight to quickly phone the police and informed them of the car owner’s address, the police turned up at the address to find it in the process being burgled.

The airport staff made the car watertight and the police secured the property prior to the owner returning.

The thieves had stolen the sat nav from the car and interrogated it to find the Home address of the owners, who were away on holiday.

Fortunately, there was only minor damage to the car and to the house and because the airport staff and police had responded quickly there was nothing stolen from the house and the burglars were caught in the act.

This all came about because of a portable sat nav being left in a car, in an airport car park, with a ‘Home’ address loaded into it. Please think about the safety of your information and your belongings whilst you are away!