My Top 5 tips for planning a Destination Wedding

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 12 February 2017
Prior to joining Travel Counsellors, I worked overseas as a Wedding Co-Ordinator in Paphos, Cyprus, where I was organising 5 weddings per day, which was a bit of a logistical challenge!

After returning back to the UK, I worked as a Wedding Planner at Linden Hall in Northumberland, where I organised a more manageable 1-2 weddings per week.

In 2012, I organised my own dream wedding in St Lucia.

Here are 5 of the best tips for planning your wedding abroad, that I have learned in this time:

1. When should I start planning my wedding abroad?

The simple answer to this is, the sooner the better. This gives you time to organise your budget, documentation and also ensures you get the destination you want.

2. How do I stay organised?

If you’re planning your wedding as a couple, then whoever is more organised should keep track of the bookings.

This person doesn’t have to do all the work, but they should organise all the information you need for your honeymoon. Staying organised will help reduce the stress because information will be where you need it, when you need it.

3. Do I have to set a budget?

The number one cause of wedding related stress is money. Don’t rack up credit card debt to have your perfect destination wedding. If you plan carefully, you won’t have to stress.

4. Use a Wedding Registry service.

If money is a concern for your wedding and if you would just prefer the most memorable experience to a kitchen full of duplicate appliances you’ll never use, or even more linen, sign up to a Wedding Registry. The way I explain it to your friends and family is, “We would love to have the wedding of our lifetime and would love if you could contribute to making THE best memories for us”. This way your friends and relatives can contribute to this, helping your budget, to help you realise that perfect destination wedding.

5. Why should I use a professional destination wedding planner, I’ve booked holidays before?

This is the biggest of all special occasions and there are many pitfalls that can be encountered. The legalities vary among destinations and you can’t afford for this to go wrong. I have done this for a long time and with the support of my company we have come across every single question and problem that a couple could come across. Nothing is a too big a problem to sort. All my clients are VIPs to me so you know everyone gets the very same level of service and knowledge!

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