Our top 10 destinations for 2018

Lizzie Adamson-Brown on 01 February 2018
With January just behind us, don’t leave it much longer to book up your 2018 holiday. Apart from the fact that availability can run out, the prices will only go up as we move through the year.

There are a few ‘surprises’ on here, as our customers are favouring more of an experiential type holiday, rather than the stereotypical ‘fly and flop’ style short haul beach holiday. Families have also realised, that kids benefit massively from travelling to destinations that can educate them in different cultures and enjoy experiences that will stay with them forever.


Now with Valletta as the 2018 European Capital of Culture, Malta has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance over the past few years with the government trying very hard to attract visitors from all age groups to enjoy its wonderful charms!

There will be so much to see and do this year, with the Jazz Festival, Book Festival, Rock festival and many other attractions, what a great time to visit Malta! I have so many great accommodation options to choose from.

Costa Rica

Last year I had a family with young children who had a fantastic experiential holiday in Costa Rica. They were blown away by the friendliness of the people and their eagerness to make their stay fantastic and creating lifetime memories for them all.

According to the Happy Planet Index (yes, this exists) Costa Rica is one of the world’s happiest countries! Now many of our clients are seeing the attraction of this amazing diverse country, offering so much for everyone of all ages.

Greek Islands

There are so many Greek Islands to choose from you will be spoilt for choice and with so many great deals out there at the moment, from Santorini to Cyprus, the Greek Islands are more popular than ever.

I have had clients honeymoon on the fabulously famous and stunning Santorini and holidayed on many of the lovely other Greek island. With 227 islands to choose from in the archipelago, you won’t be stuck for a destination that caters for your exact needs and budget.


As I write, I have clients in Thailand who are reporting back to me that this is the best holiday they have ever had and has massively exceeded their expectations! With Newcastle being the airport nearest to me, my clients love the Emirates service that opens up so much of the world for them.

Bangkok with its hustle and bustle is a city that attacks all your senses and as Bangkok would be your first point of contact with Thailand most visitors spend a few days here, before venturing deeper into this beautiful country. I have had clients visit the (in)famous bridge over the River Kwai which is a very moving experience, situated North East of Bangkok towards the Myanmar border at Kanchanaburi.


Cruising has moved on massively, from it being of the time when the blue rinse brigade with money to burn, used to be the only ones who could afford cruises. Now, cruising is a fantastic way for all age groups to enjoy, and all budgets.

It’s the largest growing sector in tourism and our cruise clients are so fully committed to cruising they will now only choose cruise holidays. From taster mini cruises for those who would like to try a cruise before committing to anything longer, to river cruises, a form of city break holiday afloat.

My cruise clients see this type of holiday as a very cost-effective way to see so many places in an all- inclusive way without having to pack and unpack so many times. With so many cruise lines nowadays, with destination itineraries all over the globe, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing that ideal cruise to suit you and your family.


When considering a far-flung exotic holiday destination, Mexico always ranks near the top of the list. It is a favourite destination for wedding/honeymooners, who can get married on a sandy beach and enjoy a lavish luxury holiday in some fantastic resorts.


Again, flying from Newcastle, Dubai is the Emirates airline hub with every flight passing through. So, many of my clients have stayed here as part of a two-centre holiday and some have travelled to Dubai specifically for the magnificence of it all.

Dubai has so much to offer its visitors, with world-class dining, incredible infrastructure, fabulous shopping experiences, luxury spas and fabulous hotels and resorts. There are activities to suit all kinds of visitors, no matter what your age.


Once a thriving part of the British Empire, India has a lot British influences throughout the country, least of all the railways and some of its grand architecture. India can frustrate and even madden visitors, but the best way to enjoy it, is with an open mind. Once you have opened your mind to India you be able to enjoy it and even bask in all its glory.


My clients just love the USA and especially ‘The Sunshine State’! Choosing the best time of year to visit Florida is something that visitors must consider, as the weather can vary significantly throughout the year. Predominantly most of my clients visiting Florida are families, who are so excited to see the wonders of Disneyland and Universal Resorts. With spectacular and ‘no expense spared’ theme parks and shows it’s a family experience that will live with them forever.

New Zealand

My clients who have visited New Zealand all say pretty much the same thing, “we just couldn’t believe how beautiful and friendly New Zealand is”. My son, who lives in London, and his girlfriend (who is a Kiwi), travelled there last year and my son said he didn’t want to come home! NZ is not a massive country geographically, but it has some of the best scenic vistas, with magnificent mountains, clean sparkly beaches, fjords and raging white water rivers and sweeping green plains it would be hard not to fall in love. Don’t forget to visit Hobbiton and the film locations from Lord of The Rings!

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